The Moto G50 and G100 are coming soon: first specifications

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The Moto G50 and G100 are coming soon: first specifications 1

In February Motorola presented two models within its best-selling range in Spain, the new Moto G10 and G30. This range of phones will continue to grow soon with new models, among them the Moto G50 and the Moto G100. On these two new devices we already have some data, which allows us to know what to expect.

The Moto G50 will be the simplest model of these two, while the Moto G100 will be an old acquaintance, the most powerful model within this range of Motorola phones. Rumors suggest that it would basically be a rebranded Moto Edge S.

This will be the Moto G50 and G100

The Moto G50 and G100 are coming soon: first specifications 2

The new Moto G50 will be the most modest model in this new range, with a Snapdragon 480 processor inside. It is the Qualcomm chip that brings 5G to the most modest range on Android. Along with this processor we have a 5,000 mAh battery and its screen is expected to have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, like the G30. Its main camera will be 48 Mpx.

Next to this Moto G50 the brand would leave us with the Moto G100, which would be the most powerful phone in this range. It would not really be a new phone, because everything indicates that it will be the international version of the Edge S, which was presented in China in January of this year. A phone that uses Snapdragon 870 as a processor and that many would see as a kind of answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE.

In addition to these two models, there would be a third that has no confirmed name yet, which would arrive with Snapdragon 675 as its processor and a 108 Mpx main camera, thus being the second phone in Motorola’s catalog to have a 108 Mpx sensor. With this model, the range would already consist of five smartphones.

We will have to wait to see when these new Moto G50 and Moto G100 are made official, which should not take too long with these leaks. With these models, the Moto G range promises to be somewhat more confusing than usual.

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