The most similar game to Rust for Android

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Table of Contents

If it continues with this line of development, it may be the perfect alternative for a game that also has similar mechanics, and we will explain why. Its promises go a long way and if it achieves everything it seems it can give, it is a valid option to stay for a long time occupying space in the memory of our Android.

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth, the closest thing to Rust

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival video game in a post-apocalyptic world developed and published by Kéfir! for Android devices released on May 25, 2017. Specifically, this post-apocalyptic world is located in 2027, after the devastation caused by a highly contagious infection and leaving many millions of dead, later turned into zombies. Only 20% of the immune population remains, which must decide whether to cooperate to become stronger, or on the contrary to fight for the available resources.

last day on earth collect

The construction and the fighting system are the foundations of this video game for Android that is also available on PC. Obviously the graphic quality is not the best that can be found since we are talking about a game that is moving on mobile and that also works through servers, not to mention the only difference with Rust, the isometric view. At the beginning, the game gives us to choose between the different servers that are available, since you will always be in contact with other people who have also survived the disease.

last day on earth home

So you will have to prepare for the invasion and looting other players online who seek the same as you, to survive in a world that is already dead. However, we can also play with friends if the whole group is on the same server. Collect, research, create or improve weapons, hunt, steal, kill and collaborate in this interesting survival game that bears an extreme resemblance to Rust, the benchmark of this genre that is only found on desktop consoles.

Create your character and build your own house

As in the development of Facepunch Studios, this mobile title has an editing system for both the character and the home in which we are going to take refuge. In character you will have to occupy yourself right at the beginning of the game, after choosing server.

You can edit the skin color, the boat hairstyle and also choose if you want to be woman or man. Your character must evolve as you develop different tasks. Statistics include defense, fighting, radiation protection, or fighting speed. To all this, it is added that you will always have to control both food and drink since you can die if you do not eat or drink water.

last day on earth edit character

Something similar happens with clothing and weapons. At first, like in Rust, you appear totally naked, without food and without drink. Not even with 5 minutes left we have time to collect materials, drink because we are thirsty, kill a couple of zombies and find a house. The mechanics of Last Island are as immersive as it is simple, with very easy controls and animations to get familiar with.

The objective is, by performing specific tasks, to get clothes, backpacks or weapons that will be vital for personal defense. The statistics that each of the weapons or clothing They will be vital in determining both the damage you can do to the enemy and the resistance. These are very important values ​​since at any moment you can suffer a zombie attack.

A map worthy of a good survival

The map is the area you will access to reach other points of interest that are scattered around. If we drag our finger, you will see areas with some symbols on them. If this is green, that part of the map is simple, the enemies that are there are not too strong and the possibility of finding good resources and loot is scarce.

In the same way if the mark on the place is orange the level of danger increases, although the resources and the possibilities of achieving more than one loot as well. By last, red warns you that the area is in high danger and therefore its resources will be much greater. We have from areas where you can loot or collect materials such as crashed planes or gas stations, to territories with hordes of zombies.

last day on earth map

The Energy it is one of the most important details. With this you can travel from one point to another quickly instead of waiting for the right time depending on how far you want to go. He limit is 100 and when you spend you will have to wait a few minutes to recover more. Or if not, buy more energy with real money, something very common in a free to play.