The most complete photo editor

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Table of Contents

Since its launch in 2012, it has been in the market for almost a decade offering a more and more complete service in photo editing. A tool that allows you to make various adjustments such as collages, drawings, montages, add filters, etc.

PicsArt Photo Editor: Photo & Video Editor
PicsArt Photo Editor: Photo & Video Editor

A complete but simple app to edit effects

As many of you already know, it is an app that allows its users to photograph and edit photos, draw with layers and share their images with the PicsArt community and on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. If you are familiar with using Instagram, you won’t have much trouble navigating its homepage. You will see that it shares an interface very similar to that of the social network. In it you can see a photo timeline Uploaded by other users that you can follow, like, comment and do remixes with their photos.

picsart edit

What was previously called PicsArt Studio allows us to edit our photos with a wide variety of effects, filters, corrections, masks, frames, borders, create collages, add stickers, texts, draw, crop, rotate photos, adjust color and much more.

It is a very complete editor, but not only this, PicsArt is also a social network Instagram-style, with their likes, tags, comments and followers, although we can also upload our photos to other social networks. Even in PicsArt the community is so important that you will even see photography and drawing challenges themes in which you can participate with your content or vote for others. Each challenge has its rules and you can follow them to compete. The usual prize is to win recognition, so that your work will appear prominently in the gallery of winners.

picsart challenges

The application is free and offers a large number of drawings, frames, backgrounds, scenes, etc … but within the application we find your store to get more free or paid content and remove ads. If we opt for PicsArt Gold, We have two options: either go month to month and pay € 5.43; or pay for a full year of subscription, thus making the month much cheaper.

Collages, montages … and even the effect of Thanos

In the collages section we can build photos by organizing them in a Grid, distribute them in free style or put a framework. If, for example, we choose the grid option, we can choose one or more photos to fit into it. Later we will have access to more customization. We can change from the photo format, the distribution of the images, the border, the color and even the background.

With the ‘Camera’ function it allows you to take a photo from the application with filters and decorations. In the same way that Snapchat or Instagram offer this service, PicsArt offers numerous filters to give a creative touch to your photos with different customization options in each one.

In another PicsArt tab, we can draw. The application suggests us to install another specific PicsArt application called PicsArt Color Paint. If we don’t want to download it, we have two other options: starting from a canvas or totally from scratch. In your profile tab you can also see the followers you have accumulated, edit your profile picture or create stickers that you can later share with your contacts through WhatsApp, for example.

thanos effect picsart

On the other hand, if you’ve seen the saga of The Avengers, you know very well what we are talking about when we refer to thanos effect. If you want to make your friends disappear with the sound of one of your clicks (at least in the photos), or create your own Thanos meme with the character you want, PicsArt allows you to do so. These are the steps to follow to achieve the dispersion effect:

  1. Open the image you want to edit
  2. Select with your finger the part of the image to which you want to apply the effect
  3. Apply the effect by pressing the continue button (the arrow in the corner of the screen)
  4. Edit the size and direction of the dispersion effect in the image (if desired)
  5. Press “apply” and save the image


Apart from the mentioned effects, the editor contains filters that you can use for images and videos. You can configure the opacity, the display and even use the eraser to apply the filter partially on the image. There are some effects that are only available with the paid subscription of this publisher. These are all the editor filters:

  • HDR
  • Light Cross
  • Dodger
  • Noise
  • Glitch
  • GRNG
  • Vhs
  • WAVE
  • PLRD
  • Seafoam
  • Drama
  • 1991 – 1996
  • HDR 2
  • Cinerama
  • Film
  • MV3
  • MV4
  • SUN
  • Crisp
  • Twilight
  • Vibrant
  • B&W
  • MNCH1
  • MNCH2
  • MNCH3
  • Vignette
  • Retro
  • Sunny
  • KPP
  • Ivory
  • Vintage
  • Loin
  • BLH
  • Warm Color
  • Sharpen
  • Sepia
  • Warm Amber
  • Cross Proc

How to start editing photos in PicsArt

Let’s go to something else that interests us in this app. To start editing a photo we have to press the central button with a symbol »+». From then on, we will see the editing options that we have at our disposal: we can choose templates, our photos, free photos, collages, backgrounds, drawings and videos.

picsart templates

The most common is to edit the photos that we have already taken with the mobile camera or with another camera and that we have then imported into our gallery. We will only have to choose the photo that we want to retouch. Here we will have a lot of options to improve our photo: cropping, effects, beautify, decal, cropping, text, add photo, adjustment, brushes, border, mask, draw, flare, mask, frame and callout. In turn, we will have several options within these settings. Once edited, we can save it or share it with the PicsArt network.

And you, do you use PicsArt to edit photos or do you prefer another of the alternatives available on Android?