The most basic trick to know if your mobile battery will hold up well after 2 years

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When we buy a mobile in Spain, having a good battery is one of the most demanded features among users, and no wonder. Although it is important to assume that the battery of a smartphone is unable to withstand the duration of a traditional mobile, it is crucial that it be able to withstand the most intense days.

In the analyzes we usually comment on the capacity of a battery in a subjective way, and in the end it is very difficult to estimate how much a mobile will hold throughout the day precisely, because each of us has our own usage habits (and even within our habits of use, there are more and less intense days). But nevertheless, there is a factor that we usually ignore, and that is how will the autonomy of a mobile age?

The most basic trick to determine if your mobile will have a good battery in two years

It is not that it is an aspect that we ignore in the analyzes on purpose, since the usual period that we spend using mobile phones for an analysis is rare that it exceeds the month, however it is an aspect that we do take into account when it comes to mention whether or not the battery of a mobile will be worth it over time. Because even if we analyze the mobile for several days, in the end it will be you who will live with it.

The most basic trick to know if your mobile battery will hold up well after 2 years 1

Is it possible to know for sure how the battery of a mobile phone will last a couple of years? We will never know for sure how our mobile is going to degrade, but we can make an estimate that helps us know how the situation will be when your mobile is a couple of years old.

The trick is as simple as charging the mobile only up to 80% for a few days, checking that with this capacity you can endure the day (or whatever you think your mobile should hold after two years). The more days you live with this charging routine, the more certain you will have about the future that awaits your mobile (although a couple of days of high intensity of use according to our habits should help). If you want an estimate with better guarantees, you can try to load it up to 70 or 60, but the initial figure chosen has a compelling reason.

The most basic trick to know if your mobile battery will hold up well after 2 years 2Degradation of mobile batteries according to Oppo tests in the Oppo Ace 2, a mobile whose battery technology is among the best.

Why do we have to measure our use with this capacity? In part it is due to the properties of batteries based on lithium ion, batteries that are found in our mobiles and that due to their properties, wear out with use and time. Depending on the technology used, the wear and tear of the battery can vary, but between 600 and 1000 charge cycles, they usually retain 80% of their maximum capacity.

Although the trick is simple and has its logic (it is the one that I use on a personal level to make the estimates of my personal devices) it is true that there are many factors that can alter the results, but it serves as a simple trick to ensure certain Confidence margin that the mobile will last long enough.

When I give this advice, there is a great possibility that even making these estimates, two or three years will pass and the mobile does not measure up. The most common cause is usually that we do not always give the same use to our mobile. We suffer the most obvious change in habits in 2020 with video calls, but it can also happen that a new app or game that you love appears and then the estimates are not useful because our habits have changed.

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