The maximum power of Android could reach cheaper mobiles by giving up 5G

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The maximum power of Android could reach cheaper mobiles by giving up 5G 1

5G continues to be deployed in Spain. However, this new generation of mobile networks has been a problem for the cost of mobile phones, which has suffered a notable increase due to the extra cost of using a new technology.

Although in mid-range mobiles the extra cost has been more discreet (due to cuts in the rest of the components compared to previous generations) in the best mobiles it has meant a notable increase. Qualcomm seems to be aware of the problem and would be preparing a variant of the Snapdragon 888 that lacks 5G connectivity.

A Snapdragon 888 without 5G to have the maximum power at a more contained price

One of the most relevant events of the past year was Qualcomm’s complete jump to 5G in the high-end range. With the arrival of the Snapdragon 865 they began a new era in whichall its high-end would have 5G. This mobile processor was controversial, since the modem that allows wireless communications was not included in the chip and Qualcomm sold it in an indivisible pack.

If we remember the price breakdown that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra had, the mere existence of the 5G modem caused the price of the processor and modem to triple compared to the price of its predecessor without 5G.

Now the situation has changed, and according to Roland Quandt, Qualcomm would be preparing a smaller version of the Snapdragon 888 whose model number was SM8325 and would not have 5G. The question is why would Qualcomm do this now?

This decision is likely due toproblems in the manufacturing process. Unlike the previous generation, the 5G modem associated with the Snapdragon 888 is integrated into the chip. If we consider that it is the first high-end processor from Qualcomm to include the 5G modem within the chip itself, it is possible that many of the manufactured processors will not work the modem.

If this is the case, it is plausible that Qualcomm decided to reuse the units with problems in the 5G modem by deactivating this module in the chips that have it defective and integrating a more affordable external modem achieving the same flagship performance at cheaper prices.

At the moment the information is a rumor, but we will be aware of the next events.

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