The main cybersecurity challenges you have to face at home

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The main cybersecurity challenges you have to face at home 1

The main cybersecurity challenges you have to face at home 2

The situation we are experiencing in recent times has made us change our habits, we spend more time at home and also for many it has become their workplace. Cybercriminals do not rest and it is important to stay alert and with “activated shields” against any threat.

On February 9, the Safe Internet Day was celebrated and it is a good occasion to learn about the types of attacks that are coming and to review our passwords and protections.

Spear phishing, do you know?

Surely on some occasion you have received a suspicious email and it turns out that it did not come from your bank, or Netflix, but that they were posing as those common services to try to deceive us.

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Spear phishing remains one of the top security threats and many people are still affected today. These attacks in the form of very convincing emails are sometimes quite elaborate with personal or work information and can put us in doubt.

The attackers’ goal is for us to click links, download files, or send some information about our account or a payment method. The experts of Panda Security They believe that these types of attacks will continue to grow and become more elaborate, can be sent en masse, and be even more convincing. The higher the volume of attempts, the more chances of hunting the more unwary.

As a solution, some security services can help us not to fall for these deceptions, but without a doubt the best measure is to be alert and always be suspicious of emails that ask us for personal information. Above all, it is advisable to first check the email address of origin, and in case of doubts, contact directly and exercise extreme caution.

Of course, don’t click on any links or download or install anything until you are 100% safe.

Attacks on home networks

The main cybersecurity challenges you have to face at home 3

As we have mentioned, teleworking has been imposed for many and now cybercriminals are taking advantage of the opportunity to target their attacks on home and personal networks, which generally tend to have softer security measures than corporate networks.

Therefore, make sure that your network has good security, that there are no back doors that attackers can take advantage of, use VPN services and be suspicious if you detect unusual activity on the network.

Password manager and MFA

Large security breaches have leaked millions and millions of emails, passwords and usernames over the last few years. Unfortunately they are an everyday occurrence and will continue to occur. The important thing on our part is that we keep our accounts with strong, secure and, if possible, unique passwords, avoiding sharing the same password for everything.

Password managers are a very good tool that will help us avoid having to memorize tens or hundreds of passwords, they also offer unique and complex password generators, as well as multi-factor authentication (MFA), as in the case of Panda Dome Passwords.

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