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Emoticons are fun and illustrate an emotion. We offer you a list of codes to animate your next statuses on Facebook.

How to make smileys and other smileys on Facebook?

Emoticons or emoticons, are these small icons that represent round and expressive heads that appeared with the development of social networks and other instant messages. This helps to illustrate our status on Facebook or to set the tone of a conversation when using the β€œchat”.

The art of making emoji and other symbol icons on Facebook

The trick is to know a few keyboard shortcuts to use as you see fit. Ready to add color to your exchanges on the web? Here is a list of codes to express yourself with emoticons.

Happy emoticons

To show that you are happy, there is a wide range of emoticons that you can use depending on the degree of joy you feel. Here is a list of the different ways to show your happiness with an emoticon.

πŸ™‚ = smile, on your keyboard type the colon key β€œ:” then the closing parenthesis key β€œ)”, and you will get a happy face.

: 3 = laughing curly smile. In this case, you will have understood it, it will be necessary to press on the key with the colon “:” then on the key with the number three “3”. Always no space between characters otherwise it doesn’t work.

= big smile showing teeth. To do this, type the colon “:” which represents the eyes, then type the capital letter “D” to form the smile.

= wink. This emoticon is used very often to show that we agree, that we have understood what our interlocutor has just said.

^ _ ^ = mocking smile or “kiki”. It is performed with a caret β€œ^” followed by the underscore (called β€œUnderscore”) β€œ_”, and finally a new caret β€œ^”.

Sad emoticons

As for the emoticons that represent joy, the emoticon is divided into several categories or degrees of sadness or anger.

πŸ™ = sad. It is the symbol of the inverted smile with an open parenthesis β€œ(β€œ, a basic when you want to show that you are not enthusiastic about something.

> _

> πŸ™ = angry.

: = thoughtful, who thinks.

The smiley who thinks? Thank you, thumbs up, iPhone, Christmas, other emoticons for your Facebook posts

It’s not just about faces to share your feelings on Facebook. You know, for example, the thumbs up (the famous “I like”) that indicates that one likes a message or a photo, for example. We give you some keyboard shortcuts to make several and varied symbols.

(Y) = thumb up. Here’s the famous Facebook “Like”. It works with the letter β€œy” in uppercase or lowercase e between the 2 parentheses.

3 = imp.

: * = kiss. Send kisses to whoever you want.

Do you want to go further?

There are more extensive lists on the web here and there detailing the smileys and other emoticons supported by Facebook. You usually have enough to convey what you have to say. but it is very possible that you decide to create your own.

Of course, your creations will not become an emoji per se, but you will have managed to convey an emotion, a feeling or whatever with just a few characters. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to make your loved ones understand your creation. But who knows, you could launch a new trend and see your smiley face picked up by Internet users around the world …

To simplify your life, PiliApp

Remembering the “codes” is obviously not. It may be easier and faster to find the emoji in question directly and copy / paste it. To do this, keep in mind that the vast majority of the emoji supported by the Facebook platform are listed on the site. PiliApp.

You just have to find the one that interests you and copy / paste it into your publication, whatever it is. Simple, fast and convenient. That being said, the site does not provide the associated code that allows it to be displayed, too bad.