The LG Wing is updated to make the most of its two screens

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LG Wing

The LG Wing is one of the most innovative phones that have been launched in Spain this year. LG’s device stands out for its double screen, with a rotating secondary screen, which makes it an ideal model for multitasking. This double screen is its main characteristic, so that a good operation in both is essential.

A new update for this LG Wing it is already being released in the United States. The main purpose of this update is to make it easier to move apps from one screen to another, to work better with the phone in this way.

The LG Wing is updated

LG Wing

The main novelty that this update leaves us for the LG Wing is that it will be possible switch apps between main screen and secondary screen faster. This will contribute to a better multitasking experience, which is one of the keys to this phone.

The change is made possible with a quick adjustment option, which will allow that configuration or sliding three fingers on any screen, so that then the application goes to the other screen. It’s the same three-finger gesture that the brand has used on its phones with the DualScreen accessory. In addition, the secondary screen of this mobile will already show the multimedia controls for apps like Netflix.

Along with this novelty, the LG Wing also gets the ability to scan QR codes natively in the camera application, although it is an option that has to be activated in the settings. The November 2020 security patch for the device has also been released in it.

This update is already being deployed in the United States, although surely in the coming weeks it will also reach users with this phone in Spain. An update that will allow you to get the most out of the main feature of this device, its double screen.

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