The LG Rollable is official: LG shows its rolling mobile in video

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One of the most anticipated mobiles in Spain this 2021 It is LG’s first roll-up mobile. These past weeks some data about this device have already been leaked, but now its existence is confirmed. The brand has had its own event at the virtual CES 2021 and they have shown the first video of this roll-up phone.

The LG Rollable, which is what this device will be called, is shown for the first time in a video. A device that promises to be the most innovative to hit the market, with a very interesting system that makes it possible for its screen to roll up. At the moment the brand does not confirm when it will be officially presented.

The LG Rollable can be seen on video

This new LG Rollable will feature a flexible OLED screen, which will be kept rolled up inside the device, until the user presses the button that will make it unwind. When this button is pressed and the screen is unrolled, the surface of the screen is enlarged, thus allowing more tasks to be carried out on it. It’s a good way to multitask on this device.

In this video you can see this first advance of the device, where we can see that the phone is completely open, but then closes as if it were a blind, reducing its sides. When closed it ends with a smartphone format, with a panel of about 6.4 inches, according to previous leaks.

An aspect of great interest in this case is that the screen is not divided, as in the folding, for example. This allows you to enjoy the entire panel without interruptions. Also, this LG Rollable is shown as a device with a normal thickness, less thick than foldable devices.

It promises to be one of the most anticipated releases of this year, especially after the surprise of Wing, its dual-screen phone. Both models are included in the Explorer project, the brand’s area of ‚Äč‚Äčexperimental models. It is not known at the moment when this LG Rollable will hit the market (rumors point to the second half of the year), nor is it known what price it will have.

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