The Legend Reborn APK, graphically brilliant

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This renowned developer specialized in releasing official games for some superhero films, such as Batman himself or Spider-Man from that time. Graphically very well worked games for that year and that cost a price to get hold of them, not being accessible to everyone. In this article we are going to analyze in depth what this game entails and how we can download it on our mobile.

Where the Dark Knight places us: The Legend Rises

Let’s put you in the context of this latest film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale. Incidentally, they had to change the script because of the death of Heath Ledger, This Dark Knight’s Joker, but let’s get to the plot. Have passed Eight years since the death of Harvey Dent, The White Knight of Gotham who was corrupted by The Joker following the death of his beloved Rachel.

Peace reigns in Gotham thanks to new laws, which keep organized crime at bay. With the retirement of Batman and the impending retirement of Commissioner Gordon, the ashes of the Shadow Leagues resurface, with the mighty Bane in the lead. This causes chaos to return and Batman appears on the scene, although the aftermath of inactivity is noted. With a lot of action and plot twists in between, new characters appear like Catwoman, John Bale or Talia Al Ghul.

A Batman game based entirely on the movie

With these prolegomena, The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises is based on the plot seen in the film. In this way we must take control of Batman and safeguard the dark city of Gotham of Bane’s evil plans, being able to enjoy the company of other secondary characters such as the Commissioner Gordon or the singular Catwoman. And taking into account that we are facing a title of these characteristics designed for a portable system, this story is most interesting. Of course, it is highly recommended to see the film before starting to play, since the plot links with many real scenes of the film.

the dark knight legend reborn dialogues

The question is, what awaits us in this third-person adventure? Well, saving a lot of distances, the gameplay of this title drinks from the same sources as the magnificent works of Rocksteady Batman: Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. In this way we have absolute freedom to move around the city (something routine in many of the titles developed by Gameloft), either planning or using some of the batman vehicles like the Batmoto or the Batmobile, with a recreation identical to that of the movies.

This freedom allows for many hours of play, more than usual in this type of portable titles, being able to carry out a generous number of main and secondary missions. The action is the most important component on which the title rests, having to face a multitude of confrontations. And this is where we find the biggest flaw in the title, given that the combat system It is a bit crude and this causes that the battles are not as fluid and exciting as they should be.

the dark knight legend reborn combat

It is true that these battles are not bad enough to ruin the gameplay of the game, but they do decisively affect the overall rating, damaging it somewhat. But fortunately the title holds more ingredients, some of them really interesting. The exploration of the funds for example has its crumb, being able to travel dozens of square kilometers in search of useful objects and secondary missions.

A work (almost) at the height of Batman: Arkham City

A RPG element that, although it is not the most perfect or much less complex ever experienced, it does increase the general interest of the game, being able to improve certain skills of our hero as we gain enough experience. Another detail that is appreciated regarding the gameplay is the addition of certain gadgets such as the Batarang wave Batclaw, devices that allow us to carry out really interesting actions.

the dark knight legend reborn graphics

The technical and graphic quality of the title, despite being launched in 2012. It is true that it has several limitations in the artificial intelligence of the characters in the story or in some mechanics (especially combat). However, it is no less true that in the most current games we do not notice a huge difference, not even significant. You can tell that Gameloft did a very good job, as with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Especially how careful the gotham city. It is enough to climb to the top of a building to admire the detail that has been implemented in the city, being one of the most outstanding action adventures designed for Android in this field that we have had the opportunity to see in the last time. The sound also reaches an even level, with a captivating soundtrack (similar to the film, not the original) and sound effects that are heard clearly.

the dark knight legend reborn cinematics

In short, Gameloft was inspired by Arkham titles of Rocksteady for consoles, and that is noticeable both in cinematics and game mechanics, not only in the graphics. However, let’s stay in that term of inspiration, since it is very far from those works, but considering that it is a mobile edition, the adaptation borders on the brilliant.

How to download The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises APK

Unfortunately, Gameloft has suffered a decline in its activity as a game developer. In Android, many have been the strategies that have been carried out in their titles. On the one hand, the embarrassing influence of pay2win system in the progress of the players; and on the other, the exclusive payment of certain games such as this one of The Dark Knight or Spider-Man. It is true that they were brilliant titles and with a lot of work behind them, but their accessibility was not ideal to capture a large audience. Perhaps they would have worked as free to play with integrated purchases.

Luckily, at present it can be obtained externally and is fully playable, thanks to the fact that it is a game that does not require constant internet connection, otherwise there would be no option. All you have to do is download a file from the link we provide and follow the typical steps that we always do when we download an app or a game by its APK:

  1. Download the file and unzip the ZIP, either with the native file explorer or with an external app.
  2. Install the APK file, the installation probably appears to pose a threat to the system. Click on ‘‘Install anyway’, since there is no security problem. It is simply the reaction that Google Play Protect has when detecting that it is an external file and that it does not come from the official store, just as it happened on PC when the antivirus skipped for a file from an unofficial source.
  3. Copy the OBB folder and paste it into the directory Android / obb.
  4. We access the icon of the game, installed on the desktop, where when we start it it will ask us for permissions. For privacy issues, we recommend leaving only marked storage access, since the phone is not necessary.
  5. It will ask us to download the resources, which are almost 2 GB, and when that download is finished, click on “OKAY” and you are ready to start the game.