The Last Samurai, art style game for Android

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It is not pretty because of the history it entails, bringing together the mythical Japanese fighters in a game with a lot of action. It is also due to its spectacular graphics, attracting all types of players, whether they are familiar with this ancient culture or not. We will be able to be the one Keanu Reeves or the Tom Cruise turn that, in fact, includes parts of the names of the films starring both actors 2013 and 2003, respectively.

Ronin: the Last Samurai
Ronin: the Last Samurai

A game that looks like a movie

More than a game, today we bring you a true work of art. What’s more, the story behind the game’s plot closely resembles the 47 Ronin film. When these soldiers lost a master they became ronin, wandering warriors who struggled to survive until they found another lord to serve. In short, broadly speaking and without spoilers, our mission is avenge the lord we served, who has been defeated in a devastating war, and at the same time regain the honor that we have lost. To do this, we will use our sword and our samurai skills.

ronin last samurai graphics

Like a good samurai, our most faithful friends will be our swords, with which we will have to face increasingly powerful enemies that will not make it easy for us. Throughout our adventure and as we defeat our enemies, we can unlock new skills, weapons and objects to improve our character. Thus, we can classify this game within the genre Action-RPG, or simply in the action.

The game is based on chapters, and each chapter is divided into phases that in turn are fragmented into various enemy screens. Every time we pass a screen, we will level up, and we can choose a special ability for the next fight. But if we lose, we will have to return to the initial screen.

An RPG with very dynamic combat

Through extremely simple controls, we will have to attack or defend ourselves at the right time. We can also perform special attacks such as annihilation, with which we will kill several enemies at the same time, or get temporary improvements as more power. In these combats we have to take good care of our steps and choose the right moment to perform our action at once with our katana. That being said, it is important that we also look at when to defend ourselves from enemy attacks, and like Demon Blade, the gameplay is mainly based on this very fact.

ronin last samurai menu

Of course, it may not be a game for the less patient and less constant, since at a certain point, defeating the bad ones will be really difficult. Thus, sometimes we will have to continue farming to get stronger, get better weapons and outfits, and thus achieve advance and defeat the final boss. It is something that we will have to do every time it happens to us, so the game mechanics can be somewhat repetitive.

It’s a fact: Ronin is drawn by hand

Graphically, the game looks like hand painted, being an aspect in which Dreamotion Inc., the developers, have put special care and effort to take care of even the smallest detail. The game carries both in cinematics and in combat an artistic style that simulates the vignettes of a comic. If we do a bit of memory, remember the graphics that we find in Telltale titles like Batman: The Enemy Within. Of course, everything is setting in feudal Japan.

Speaking of the outfits we’ve mentioned before, we’ll start with four “rags” at first, but as we say, little by little we will get improved clothes. And the same happens with weapons, since we will start with the most basic, and as we progress we will be able to sheathe larger swords, double swords, etc.

ronin last samurai graphics

However, and here are some of the weakest points, in the progress of the character the difference of objects will be very noticeable. The title has a very limited collection of both armor and weapons, something negative considering how profitable it would be to customize the fighter in such an artistic game. Another detail that we must bear in mind is that it does not allow us apply skill upgrades to our liking, something inappropriate for an RPG due to the fact that when leveling up a weapon or some skill of your character, it is random.

As a plus point, the texts are fully translated into SpanishIt is a delight to enjoy the descriptions and dialogues fully adapted to Spanish. And on the other hand, you need an Internet connection to play, which in order not to have online seems a bit absurd, but they are the decisions of the developer.