The keyboard secret Android allows you to write in braille

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Table of Contents

A few hours ago I we told you that Google had changed some features of your keyboard Gboard. This is the default keyboard that have all the Android phones with Google services.

Our surprise has been to find out that the company has a second built-in keyboard in Android, one very particular thought for the blind, a keyboard in braille.

How to configure the keyboard braile

The keyboard secret Android allows you to write in braille 1

To use the braille keyboard we have to turn on TalkBack and turn off the extension.

  • We open the application Settings.
  • We Select Accessibility.
  • Click on TalkBack and then click Settings.
  • We select the Braille keyboard.
  • Select Tap to configure.
  • In the dialog box, select Configuration.
  • We activate the braille keyboard TalkBack.
  • Open an application where you can write to.
  • Move the focus to the edit field.
  • To change the braille keyboard TalkBack, select Change input method Entry in the notifications.

It is important to note that the braille keyboard TalkBack is not yet compatible with some applications such as Google Docs or Messages.

How to write in the braille keyboard

The keyboard secret Android allows you to write in braille 2

To learn how to use this keyboard you can follow a tutorial that is integrated into the keyboard. To open it we have to swipe three fingers upwards on the screen. In the list of options on the braille keyboard, select Open tutorial.

  • We take the mobile in horizontal with the screen facing out.
  • The right hand should hold the end with the USB port.
  • We put the three middle fingers on the screen.
  • We use the little finger and the thumb to hold the phone.
  • Put your left index finger on the point 1.

We can also use gestures on the keyboard:

  • Delete lyrics: slide to the left.
  • Delete word: two-finger swipe to the left.
  • Add space: swipe to the right.
  • New line: flick down with 2 fingers to the right.
  • Send text: swipe up with 2 fingers.

I feel this keyboard is available for writing exclusively in English, although we expect more languages later.

The input keyboard secret Android allows you to write in braille appears first in Android Free.