The Iron Mask free for Android

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One of the things that attracts the attention of this game is its aesthetics, it is reminiscent of the Three Musketeers books, and all this without consuming a large amount of resources. This, among other things, ensures that you can use it on almost all Android phones and tablets, which is always positive, since practically with a device of 3 GB the user experience you will have is excellent. Another of the good details of this app is that it is completely translated, which ensures that you will not have difficulty at any time to know the missions you have to complete. Therefore, we are talking about a title for all audiences.

Guns of Glory Walkthrough: The Iron Mask

The story of this game is really simple: you have just inherited the crown once you have left your confinement, and your mission is to prevent the cardinal from bringing everything under his control with his dark arts. For this you will have to rebuild your castle, create a new army and, of course, manage your resources in the best possible way. To achieve all this you will have the help of certain characters who will be on your side and will make you advance much faster. Nothing new that is true, but it is quite a start interesting and that will make you pay close attention in all the missions that you can perform

The games in Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask

There are no levels as such, but there are missions that you will have to complete to increase both the level of your allies and your own. This gives a small role play to the game that is to be appreciated and makes Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask much more complete. In the title we are talking about there is no lack battles, but they are not the usual ones in which you control the units. You simply have to decide which leader you will send how many troops and give the order to attack. Once that is done, the only thing left is to wait for everything to finish. Certainly nothing complicated and therefore this is a game that even the little ones can enjoy.

Airship in Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask

Something that is very important in Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask is that once the first missions are passed, many of them as a tutorial, the really interesting thing is the multiplayer mode. In this way, you can establish alliances with other players or, if you choose, attack their kingdoms. Obviously this is complex and you have to be careful, since it is possible to make a mistake and end up destroyed due to the high level of your opponent. Obviously, this requires you to have an Internet connection. It doesn’t eat a lot of data, but it’s important to keep that in mind as it can be a limitation at times.

With a large number of options, it should be noted the existence of some devices that were not common at the time of the illustration. An example of what we say are airships that are armed. This gives Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask a different and interesting touch and allows your units to carry much more than swords and pistols. It’s very important improve all your constructionsAn example is the stables that allow your horse to be faster and more powerful.

Get this game for Android

With all that we have said and the possibility of downloading free this game, both in Galaxy Store like in Play Store, it is quite worth giving this title a chance. Without consuming many resources and being very simple to use, it ensures many hours of fun if you like both strategy and resource management. Without a doubt, an opportunity that you should value.