The indiscretion: the iPhone 13 will have a folding screen

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According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant has accelerated testing to launch competition to Samsung and Motorola. New devices may also have an under-display fingerprint reader.

The amount of rumors about the new iPhone 13 continues to grow day by day. This time to launch the “bomb” is Bloomberg, according to which Apple is considering a folding smartphone. Apparently, the Cupertino giant has already experimented and developed the first folding screens, for a series of internal tests. The direction seems to be that, but it is not certain that 2021 is the right year to launch the competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series (to date the undisputed queen of this portion of the market).

iPhone 13 I look at the folding screen

As far as we know, the tests launched by the American company would be of two types:

  • the first in the resistance of the system that allows you to fold the two screens
  • the second on the resistance that allows folding the two halves of the screen

While there, Bloomberg decided to anticipate another development as well. The new iPhone 13, in fact, may have fingerprint sensor under the screen, in particular because of the difficulties experienced by Face ID (facial recognition made at Apple) in times of a health epidemic, with the mask on.

To date there is a lot of information that leakers to the Apple world, generally well informed, have circulated about the new iPhone 13. First, it seems that at least two of the devices, which should be four in total, will have a sample with 120 Hz refresh rate: iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The new smartphones should also do well in the field of storage capacity: there is talk, for at least one of the smartphones, of a 1 terabyte super memory. However, the battery, despite its small size, should guarantee an excellent autonomy under stress.

Main chambers

There should also be big strides on the front of the camera. There is a lot of talk about the super night photos of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but many have realized, using the new super top-of-the-range device, that the zoom function is not comparable to that of other companies’ smartphones on the market. (Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro especially). According to other rumors, Apple would be allying with Samsung to equip the iPhone 13 with a super camera. To achieve this, it seems that Apple intends to include a periscope camera with optical zoom in the next phones; the sensor would be entrusted to the Korean competitor.

Memory, camera and screen: what the new iPhone 13 will look like

There will be no surprises, that’s when the iPhone 13 comes out