The incredible voice control of Android 11 reaches the world

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Four years ago, Voice Access, Google’s voice control on Android, was launched in Spain. Since then, this voice control has been improving with each new version of the operating system. It was with the launch of Android 11 where we have been able to see its biggest jump, because now it is able to understand the screen context.

This improved version of voice control is no longer exclusive to phones that already use Android 11. Google today announced that this version of Voice Access is available disposition of phones running Android 6.0 and higher. So they can already enjoy this renewed voice control.

Google launches Android 11 voice control for everyone

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Thanks to the use of machine learning and a new interface, it will be much easier to control the phone with your voice. In previous versions, Voice Access entered numbers on the screen, for the user to use commands such as “Press 1”. This new version, which was launched in Android 11, also allows you to create labels and then use them in your voice commands.

The update introduces new commands with which be able to perform certain actions quickly in applications. You will no longer have to use controls like “Click search” and “write cat videos”, but if you are using an app like YouTube, you can simply say “search cat videos”. The processes are made faster this way.

By installing this version of Voice Access on your phone, you can decide if you want it to run when you use the phone or if you want to use a command when you need to use it. Voice Access was designed for people with motor disabilities (such as ALS, spinal cord injury, or arthritis). But it’s also useful for anyone with a temporary disability, like a broken arm, or whose hands are busy (like when cooking). Regardless of the reason, the revamped version of Voice Access makes it easier for any user, and not just for those with Android 11.

You can download the app in the Play Store, and if you want to try this new version, you can join the beta program at this link.

The incredible voice control of Android 11 reaches the world 1


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