The house of Google enhance photos of the cheap mobile with Camera Go, new app Android Go

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Google has created a camera app exclusive to the cheap mobile with Android Go. Premiered at the Nokia 1.3, first mobile to receive it, the app Camera Go promises to bring benefits photographic, high-quality smartphones more cut in benefits. Including the powerful portrait mode Google, so says the company.

The Pixel is not that they have too many advantages with respect to the other smartphones, as Google does not include many exclusives software, not hardware. Even so, there is a group of features which makes the Pixel to be a Pixel; as immediate updates or the camera appa software highly appreciated by a large proportion of users on Android. Able to improve up to the camera more contained in the specifications, Google has used to develop a specific app for all the Android Go. Is called Camera Go, will reach the majority of mobile phones with the system further trimmed and is now available in the Nokia 1.3.

Camera Go, an app from Google, with notable advantages

Google Camera Go

Google has been artificial intelligence and machine learning to imaging for years. The so-called ‘computational photography‘it takes advantage of the capabilities of the software to improve the processing of the photos, also their effects. For example, well known is the effect picture of the camera of Google, an option that allows the trim almost perfect in the background while the software applies a shader to the outline of the subject that mimics realistically the bokeh of a photographic lens. So, if software can be improved by an image, why not bring that feature to the Android phones Go to improve your catches without raising the price of the device?

The mobile manufacturers tend to cut back on the cameras to cut the cost of their devices. And this is especially blatant in Android Go: their cell phones typically include single-camera and a performance fit. This would change with the Camera Go, the new app from Google: the software offers some of the processed Pixel for cheap mobile get from portrait mode to highest sharpness and contrast using the AI of Google.

Google Camera Go

We have not yet been able to try out the new app from Google, yes we have seen its interface in the video that promotes the software. According to that video, Camera Go offers an interface very similar to the camera application of the Pixel by keeping the horizontal scrolling to change the mode, the bottom selector with each of the sections, provides access to the settings in the top left corner and it has portrait mode dedicated camera option more prominent. For the results that it shows Google in the Nokia 1.3, this new Camera Go offers a processed blur very similar to that of the Google Pixel, mobile, that come to be worth up to ten times more than an Android Go.


The new camera of Google will be coming to all Android Goat least that is what assures the company. And will be released in the Nokia 1.3, new smartphone cheap HMD Global. There is still no available no Apk of the camera app: as with other Android apps Go, it is likely that it will also work on other phones.

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The house of Google enhance photos of the cheap mobile with Camera Go, new app Android Go

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The house of Google enhance photos of the cheap mobile with Camera Go, new app Android Go 2