The hidden trick to share content between Android phones

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In Spain it is already rare to see a mobile that does not have Internet access. It is still possible to find devices that are not smartphones, but it is increasingly rare. Thus, the common thing when sharing something is to do it through one of the most used platforms, such as WhatsApp.

Despite this, Google recently launched Nearby, a connection system between mobiles that made use of Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi connection to send files between mobiles without using the Internet.

Seven months after the official announcement we have discovered, via Reddit, that there is an easier way to use it.

This sharing gesture is reminiscent of Android Beam

The hidden trick to share content between Android phones

Before Nearby was a reality, Google had in Android Beam a way to send files between mobiles. To use it, we had to put the two devices in contact using the NFC chip of each one.

This is what has been found to continue to work in Nearby, as we see in the following video.

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Thus, to send content from one mobile to another, what we must do is have Nearby activated on both of them and, once done, simply hit send on one and put it in contact with the other. In this second mobile we do not have to do anything other than accept the transmission.

Moreover, if we do not have Nearby configured, we will be invited to do so, so even those who do not know how to activate it (although it is very simple) will be able to use the function in a few minutes.

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