The government will control the location of the mobile to prevent agglomerations

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location of the mobile

The battle against the coronavirus has forced us to take extraordinary measures to avoid that the evolution of the virus to ensure that our health care system and economic end up collapsing. One of the first measures that were taken in the last few days was the confinement of all citizens, forcing them to stay at home what is strictly necessary.

After more than a week of confinement, the government plans to take a series of new measures to try to mitigate the effect of propagation as much as possible. This has been confirmed by the minister of Economy Nadia Calviño, at a press conference this Monday. One of the measures will be the monitoring of mobile networks.

The government will monitor the location of the mobile

Few days ago we heard again and again as the israeli government said publicly how they were going to use the mobile networks to control those individuals who go out of their homes, a measure that it seems that the Spanish government will end up adopting in the next few days.

The government will control the location of the mobile to prevent agglomerations 1The location data of each mobile is important in order to prevent agglomerations.

In the case of Spain, plan to conduct a monitoring of the telephony networks to carry out a study of mobility during these days, measuring the impact of the containment measures.

These monitoring tools will be used, according to the minister, techniques of artificial intelligence. The goal of artificial intelligence with these data will be to predict those points where they are producing crowds these days, one of the challenges still present to reduce to a minimum the number of personal contacts between the people that have to leave for duty.

To use this monitoring, the government will use geolocation data mobile offered by the operatorsand that is that these spent weeks working on a tool to collect the location data of each smartphone anonymously and safely, while maintaining the privacy of each user.

Other measures digital

In addition of this tool to monitor the location of the mobile, the executive branch is working on a series of digital tools to:

  • Provide a unified web with all the digital resources with information verified by the ministry of health to prevent the spread of hoaxes.
  • A wizard web of conversation for older people.
  • A form of self-diagnosis as the who have already created such bodies as the regional government of Andalusia or the community of Madrid.

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