The Google store launches a subscription section

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Table of Contents

The Google store launches a subscription section 1

One of the strongest points of Google in Spain are services, an area that they understand perfectly and that for years we have been well used to based on very competitive free plans, something that is slowly changing.

In Google they have realized the servicespremium Under subscription they have enormous potential, and little by little they think exploding, sometimes breaking into new areas such as Stadia, while at other times the change is more forced like the abandonment of Google Photos from free and unlimited storage. Be that as it may, services seem to be an increasingly important area within the company.

Services now have more prominence in the Google store

There are times when a small change has big implications even though nothing is changing at all. And that is precisely what is happening with Google services, which have just launched their own section within the Google store, along with the Pixel, Nest, Stadia and Pixelbook devices.

The change itself does not have much crumb, since it doesn’t show any new service. It is a section that contains all the subscription services that Google has, divided into 4 main categories:

The Google store launches a subscription section 2

  • Shows and music:
    • YouTube TV.
    • YouTube Premium.
    • Youtube music.

The Google store launches a subscription section 3

  • Gaming:
    • Stadia Pro.
    • Google Play Pass.

The Google store launches a subscription section 4

  • Storage and security:
    • Google One.
    • Nest Aware.

The Google store launches a subscription section 5

  • Telephone plans:
    • Google Fi.

Although nothing has changed, the change does have great importance at the image level, showing that services are becoming one of the main axes of the company. Unifying them all in a section of the official Google store sends a message of long-term commitment, and that is that little by little they will continue to have more and more importance.

At the moment, these changes are only found in the American version of the Google store, so if we visit the section in Spain it should take us to the main page of that store. However, this change may begin to be reflected in the next few days.

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