The Google Recorder app is updated with an amazing audio editor

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Google Recorder featured audio edition

The Google Recorder application is an app that we find on their Pixels, although there are ways that users in Spain can install it on other Android phones. Last december Google advertised a series of functions that were going to be introduced in the application, among them the possibility of editing audio.

These smart audio editing features come true in the new version of the Google Recorder application, number 2.0. This version of the application where we find this new audio editor is already beginning its deployment for some Pixels.

This is the audio editor of Google Recorder

Google recorder audio editor

This audio editor in the Google Recorder will allow the recordings that have been made on the phone to be edited. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to delete those parts of a recording that they are not interested in, in order to have a final audio file with those parts that they are interested in having or want to share with other people.

The new feature allows direct audio editing as well as audio transcription. In this second case, the application will allow edit that recording as if it were a document, so that you will be able to select the text you want to delete in said audio. Although this in-app transcription feature works only in US English for now.

In the images of the interface you can see that the controls are simple, with the trim and delete buttons available, to cut those parts of a recording that you want to remove from it. This will make audio editing comfortable for users.

Google has already started the deployment of this version of Recorder, with number 2.0, among some Pixels. It is being launched at the moment for phones that continue to use Android 10, since the update for Android 11 is not available yet, waiting for it to start rolling out shortly. The new version of the application can be downloaded from the Play Store, as well as from APK Mirror, where the APK is available.

The Google Recorder app is updated with an amazing audio editor 1

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