The Google Play Store will have an application comparer

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Among the application stores available in Spain, the Google Play Store is the one with the greatest popularity as it is included by default in most Android phones. Still, it’s far from perfect, which is why Google continues to continually improve it.

Many of the improvements are received first by some users, tests with which Google verifies if a function is ready to be deployed to all users or if it needs more work. One of them is the feature we know today, a function that is used to compare applications.

The Google Play Store tests an app comparer

One of the key aspects to discovering new applications is Google Play’s own suggestions. When we select an application, it is customary for Google Play to show us a menu with similar applications that serve as an alternative in the event that the application we are seeing does not convince us.

The application store is studying to improve this suggestion system that currently only showed the name of the apps and the icon. In the latest tests, Google has added a comparator within the application, so that we can have more information about which is the best suggestion.

Source | AndroidPolice.

Among the options in the comparison we can appreciate:

  • Number of downloads.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offline playback.
  • If it supports streaming or cast.
  • Image quality.
  • Type of controls.

Keep in mind that this type of comparison is focused and specialized in multimedia players, so depending on the application that we open the comparison, it should change to indicate the most important characteristics depending on the category of application that we are using.

The feature is in testing for some users, but if all goes well it could reach the world in a matter of weeks.

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