The Google Play client to download apps

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It is true that we have many repositories such as Aptoide or APKMirror, where we can download APK files. But this time, we are not talking about a repository to use, but a client in which we can download apps from Google Play, but without the need to use Google services.

What is Aurora Store

Aurora Store is an unofficial client of the Play Store, giving access to a wide catalog of applications. It is not necessary to have Google services installed on the phone to access or download from this store. It is also a open source application, which is totally safe, an important aspect for users. The light weight of this store is also surprising, reaching 7 MB, something that Google Play drags due to its data storage. Of course, we are talking about the APK file, that of the application itself will be slightly higher.

aurora store apps

In terms of design, it is a very easy to use application. Applications and games They are divided into categories, facilitating your search. There is a section of recommended applications and we have a built-in search engine, to make the whole process faster. On the other hand, we have an exclusive section for updates to the apps that we have installed. Finally, there is another section that shows the blacklist of applications, which we can choose so that they cannot be updated.

Aurora Store vs Google Play

It is clear that it has many similarities in the design of the store, there is nothing more to see it. Also, share the option to log in with a Google account to profile our recommendations. However, despite its appearance, it has more differences than can be believed, which are very interesting and that even the Play Store itself does not have.

aurora store interface

If we look at the search we can also add filters to make it more precise. One detail to keep in mind is that there are only free apps in this store, so you cannot download paid applications, although it has an exception: in the event that you have previously purchased the app or game, Aurora will let you access the download. Also, there are no pirated applications as in other repositories, which adds more security to the store.

aurora store manual download

Aurora Store also has some additional features that make it especially interesting. One of them is to simulate other devices, in case you want to download an application that is not compatible in principle, or has not been made available for that phone. It also allows a manual download, in which we can download other versions of the app if it is the case that the terminal is not compatible with the latest version. The other is the possibility to change region, something that Google Play does not allow except in justified cases, thus allowing downloading applications that are available only in certain countries. Two functions that are completely safe at all times.

How this alternative app store works

Aurora is a project that is well established in the Android community and has an evolution that is as successful as it is attractive. Their versions are truly stable and work perfectly, we have verified it. It is a perfect store for those who want a way to access Google Play applications safely and without the need to have Google services installed, not to mention how well this is for Huawei users. It must be taken into account that, despite being a safe app, it will always entail a certain risk use it with Google credentials, although no negative statement has been made in this regard.

To install Aurora Store on the device, it is as simple as download an APK. We can download it from various websites, some as popular as F-Droid or Android File Host. We install the file, we give the necessary permissions (although there are not many) and we start the session with Google or as an anonymous user, you have the last word.