The Google Messages app will stop working on some mobiles

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Android has been with us for a long time, and in these years we have seen how it has changed. At the beginning it was spoken of as a free operating system although the different decisions of Google have been redefining that statement.

As the apps and services of the company have become more important, the need for manufacturers to certify their phones to be compatible is greater.

Google will block the Messages app on non-certified mobiles

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The latest movement in this line is the one that will lead Google to block the use of its SMS Messages application on Android smartphones that have not passed the Google Play Store certification.

In this way, this application cannot be used in current Huawei models, for example, but neither in Chinese variants of phones that are sold in Spain.

As they discovered in XDA Developers, Google has modified the Messages app so that As of March 31, 2021 it will not work on mobiles that have not been certified.

This movement is similar to the one Netflix made a few years ago and we wonder if it will be possible to skip it in the same way, that is, by installing previous versions of the Messages app through an APK.

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Surely this decision is the consequence of Google’s commitment to the RCS in its application, a protocol that shields communication and that needs certain security on the mobiles on which it is executed so as not to endanger the information transmitted from the app.

The new code has appeared in version 7.2.203 of Google Messages and it is to be expected that from that same version, if not a previous one, it will be impossible to use the app on this type of mobile.

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