The Google Maps timeline for trips arrives

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The most common users to use Google services already know that this function is not new, since it is a tool imported from Google Maps. This belongs to the synergies that Google wants to create between its products with Google Workspace, where it is trying to integrate some services with others.

Google Photos
Google Photos

The chronology arrives at Google Photos

The company has given a series of tips for vacation trips that are approaching this Christmas season that will start in the coming weeks. All of this is designed so that users have as much information as possible about the sites they visit due to the pandemic, such as hotels. In this way, it will help them to identify if the sanitary measures of the establishments they visit. Also, find out if they have protective screens, disinfectant material, capacity limitations in the common areas of the hotel, or the hostel failing that.

timeline google photos

The truth is that Google Photos has a map integrated into its interface, where it is displayed a map where you can see where you have taken the photos that you have uploads to your system. Currently it only allows you to see the photos grouped by location, but this will change in the coming weeks thanks to the integration the chronology of your trips so that you can filter by days and thus see the photos and the itinerary that you followed to make the route given one of the photos.

More news in the Google Maps timeline

Very soon in the section “Your chronology” In the Google Maps browser the new “Travel” tab will be activated. There we can see a summary of our past vacations, showing all the places visited, the total kilometers traveled and the modes of transport that were used during the trip. These itineraries from previous trips can also be viewed and shared with our contacts from the “Trips” tab of

google maps chronology

Also, in this tab, there is a menu that shows us information related to COVID-19. In this way, if in the “Trips” tab we scroll down, a section called “Health and security”. In this section, we will discover more content about the measures being taken by the different hotels that we are seeing in the Google tab.

Maps - Navigation and public transport
Maps - Navigation and public transport