The Google assistant allows you to customize your agenda

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The Google assistant allows you to customize your agenda 1

Managing the day’s agenda has become one of those tasks that we can easily program on our phones. This can be done even with the Google assistant, even if we use Spanish as a language.

In fact, the first voice command I run every morning is a “Ok Google, Good Morning” so that it will read to me what I have to do and run some routines related to the lights in the house.

What this command does is read what appears in the Your Activity or Agenda section of the Google Assistant, the icon next to Discover. Now, that section has gained a new icon that allows you to customize it easily.

This is how the Google Assistant calendar is customized

The Google assistant allows you to customize your agenda 2

As we see in 9to5Google, some users have seen a new icon of a gear appear just below their avatar. If we click on it, a list of options will appear that we can hide, if we do not want them to be shown in our agenda. They are captures 2 and 3 of the image above.

There will be five sections that we can customize, each with several buttons to turn off if we want:

  • Upcoming tasks: travel time, weather, calendar events, reminders, to-do list, email-based reminders, bills, concert tickets, movie tickets, shopping list, notes, restaurant reservations, resume a podcast, and help with the journey home.
  • Recommendations: frequent wizard actions and recipes.
  • Travels: Car reservations, currency converter and language translator.
  • Celebrations: your birthdays, friends and family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.
  • Interests: upcoming sports games, stocks and our stock portfolio.

This function has not yet reached all users, in fact I still do not have it active although a blog colleague does, having the mobile in English but the language of the assistant in Spanish.

The Google assistant allows you to customize your agenda 3

Other people apparently have instead of that icon a warning that tells them that the agenda can be customized, but as we say it is not yet something massive, it will take a few weeks to have them all available.

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