The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite is on the way: what we expect from it

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The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite is on the way: what we expect from it 1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab are among the best Android tablets available in Spain, and among all its variants, the S range is the brand’s most premium. One of the products that most caught our attention last year was the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, a cheaper variant that still fell within the high-end range of tablets.

It was to be expected that as we get to 2021, the Galaxy Tab S7 would also have its Lite version, and it seems that this model is already on its way. Today we know its first details, in addition to speculating about what we expect from this product given our experience with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite would already be in development

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Tab has always had a great presence, Samsung has drastically improved its models in the last two years, with increasingly competitive teams in all its ranges. One of the ones we liked the most was the Tab S6 Lite, and its successor would be on the way, according to Sammobile.

The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite is on the way: what we expect from it 2

According to close sources, the next Samsung tablet should arrive with Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G variants, and they would arrive with the following names: SM-T730, SM-T735, and SM-T736B / SM-T736N. It is also speculated that Samsung could launch a larger version and similar features, as in the S7 we have two models.

What could we expect from this tablet? If we look at the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and our opinion during the analysis, there are some aspects that Samsung did great with this product and many others that in our opinion were quite improvable:

  • What made the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite great:
    • Screen:Despite not being Super AMOLED, the quality of the panel was indisputable.
    • Built-in SPen:Incredible added value, considering all of Samsung’s integrations.
    • Design and build quality:Good use of the frames and an impeccable build quality.
  • Where should the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite improve:
    • Performance: The biggest cut that Samsung made in the S6 Lite was in the performance section with an A-range processor. In the same way that the S20 FE stood out for maintaining the performance of its older brothers, the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite should have a high-end performance. We expect at least a Snapdragon 765, but we would love to see a Snapdragon 870 or Exynos 1080. It is true that it is a cheaper model, but the cheaper iPads offer better performance than the S6 Lite at less cost.
    • Samsung DeX:The most differential factor of the Galaxy Tab S compared to any of its rivals, including the iPad, is the use of Samsung DeX, a desktop interface that allows you to use the tablet as a laptop or traditional if we connect it to a monitor.

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