The Galaxy Tab S2 is updated 5 years after its launch

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The Galaxy Tab S2 is updated 5 years after its launch 1

Among the Android brands available in Spain, Samsung is one of the oldest and most cutting-edge in terms of technology. However, when it comes to updates, it usually has a policy that is sometimes difficult to understand.

The South Korean company does not usually stand out for the speed of Android updates, but it does have great consistency when it comes to security updates, which is not so good in the mid-range (where the bulk of its models enjoy quarterly updates) but that in the high-end range has stood out for offering spectacular durability, with mobiles that continue to receive updates such as the Galaxy S7, four and a half years after its presentation.

Galaxy Tab S2 Receives October 2020 Security Patch, 5 Years After Launch

To this day, the Galaxy S7 is a device that we have already talked about several times for its durability in terms of updates. However, it loses its place in Samsung’s catalog as the most durable product in terms of updates.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung’s high-end tablet of 2015.

Interestingly, Samsung has started rolling out a new update for the Galaxy Tab S2, the high-end tablet that the company launched in late 2015, a device that has recently turned 5 years old and is positioned as the oldest Samsung to receive a security update. This update has begun to reach the US model of the Verizon operator, but if you have this excellent tablet it is possible that in the next few days you will receive your security patch.

Android security

Security updates are a non-negotiable aspect for a modern device, and it is often conspicuous that Android manufacturers fail to comply. Samsung’s action with equipment with half a decade behind it, beyond praise for the South Korean company, should be a reminder for the rest of the brands (and models within Samsung itself).

Because yes, updating old devices may not serve to sell more (which in the end is the purpose of the manufacturers) but it does to make sure we make the most appropriate decision in our next purchase.

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