The Galaxy S20 FE is updated with the improvements of the Galaxy S21

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review-008

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are the first phones of the brand launched in Spain using One UI 3.1, the new version of the interface. Until now, no other device of the brand used this version of the interface, although it was a matter of time before Samsung began to deploy it among other phones. That moment has already arrived and the Galaxy S20 FE is the first model to update.

The update to One UI 3.1 has started to unfold for this Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The phone launched at the end of 2020 is being a success for the firm and becomes the first to have access to the news of the Galaxy S21 officially.

One UI 3.1 for the Galaxy S20 FE

Galaxy S20 FE

This update to One UI 3.1 for the Galaxy S20 FE has serial number G781BXXU2CUB5. It has already begun its deployment in several countries in Europe, including Spain. Other countries where the update is already being launched are the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom or Poland, among others.

This update allows this device to get the news that Samsung introduced in the new Galaxy S21. Among them we find Google Discover as a feed, although it will have to be activated first. It is also allowed to add effects in video calls, remove location data in photos, as well as some changes in the interface.

Samsung has been fast in this case, because the Galaxy S21 were launched in many markets in Europe last week and now there is already a phone that has access to One UI 3.1, with the news of this new version of the interface. They should not take long to release the update to other models.

If you have this Galaxy S20 FE, you may in the next few hours you will already receive this update to One UI 3.1, which is being deployed through an OTA. You can also check in the software update section within the settings if this update is already available or not.

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