The Galaxy S10 begin to update to Android 11 with One UI 3

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These past weeks several Samsung phones in Spain have been updating to Android 11 with One UI 3, such as the S10 Lite, or the Galaxy S20 in full. Samsung keeps releasing this update for their phones, being the turn now for the entire range of the Galaxy S10, whose deployment has already begun.

The deployment of Android 11 with One UI 3 for the range of the Samsung Galaxy S10 It has already started in several countries in Europe, such as Switzerland. So it should not take too long to also reach users in Spain who have any of the models in this high-end range.

Android 11 with One UI 3 for the Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 begin to update to Android 11 with One UI 3 1

Before the end of 2020 the S10 Lite became the first to have access to Android 11 with One UI 3, in an update that was already launched in Spain. The rest of this range was expected to have this update in January and the rollout has already started in Switzerland, expecting it to reach more countries in Europe in the next few hours.

The full range of Galaxy S10s is getting access to the update: S10, S10 +, S10 5G and S10e. If you have any of these devices, you will soon have access to it. The update has a weight of 1.8 GB And it also comes with the January 2021 security patch, the most recent available.

Thanks to this update the phones get all the new features of Android 11, as well as the functions of One UI 3, which Samsung itself announced in December. Among them we find new notifications, chat bubbles, a renewed menu of quick settings and multimedia, new functions in the camera app, as well as changes in the appearance of the system in general.

The update for these Galaxy S10 is being deployed via an OTA. If you have any of the phones within this range, you will soon receive a notification informing that the update is now available and thus you can enjoy all these new functions in it.

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