The Galaxy Note 20 will improve the worst aspect of the screen of the Galaxy S20

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Galaxy Note 20

On the 5th of August we have an appointment with Samsung, because on that day the hyundai brand celebrates its Unpacked, event where they will introducing the Galaxy Note 20 official. This digital event will continue to live in Spain and so to meet this range of phones, on which we are having multitude of news these weeks.

It is expected that these Galaxy Note 20 go to dominate the high-end in Android in the coming months. In certain aspects will be similar to the Galaxy S20 presented at the beginning of the year, although there are certain fields where Samsung is going to improve these phones. The screen and its refresh rate will be one of them.

Refresh rate dynamic for Galaxy Note 20

The Galaxy Note 20 will improve the worst aspect of the screen of the Galaxy S20 1

The Galaxy S20 come with screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Something wonderful, but what is not gets the most, especially because you can not use the maximum refresh rate with the higher screen resolution. In addition, there was introduced the possibility to dynamically change the fee, depending of the app that you use or the contents that are played back. A mistake for many, that will be corrected in these Galaxy Note 20.

Although it is not yet known what refresh rate they have these models, it seems that Samsung is going to enter the refresh rate dynamics in the same. This feature will give users the possibility of that best fits what you are doing on the phone at that time, depending on the app you’re using.

Thanks to this feature, it allows the Galaxy Note 20 change automatically between 60Hz and 120Hzdepending on what you are doing on your phone (if you are on WhatsApp or you’re playing). It is not known if the phones will have refresh rate variable, a function that allows you to change the same in real-time to any rate within the available range.

Will have to see if we finally have this function in the new high-end Samsung. Without doubt, it would be an improvement compared to the Galaxy S20, so that we hope to know soon. On the 5th of August we will know these new Galaxy S20 officially.

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