The first Xiaomi with quick load of 100W will come soon

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The fast charge has become a differentiator on Android phones, with each brand presenting its own system, as we’ve seen with OPPO and its fast load of 125W. There are other brands that also will be launching soon their loads fast, as is the case of Xiaomi, whose rapid charge was made official last year, but have not been released yet in Spain phones with it.

Super Charge Turbo is the name of this fast load of 100W from the chinese brand. It charging a battery of 4,000 mAh in just 17 minutesaccording to announced Xiaomi. A long time ago that is expected to launch and it seems that the next month would already make a reality.

Xiaomi will launch a mobile phone with a load of 100W

The first Xiaomi with quick load of 100W will come soon 1

Various problems with this quick charge system of the brand have caused his late arrival, since it was needed to integrate new systems of protection in certain components to control the temperature. In addition to the further degradation of the battery that this type of load causes. Xiaomi seems to have solved these problems and is prepared for your technology debut very soon.

Earlier this month the brand had the charger 120W expected to use in this load, which already gave to understand that his release was imminent. The brand has registered his phone, with serial number M2007J1SC. It makes one think that it will be in August when the manufacturer will present this phone in an official way. In the chinese social networking site Weibo there are already rumors about it.

About this phone that Xiaomi would not know hardly anything. Apart from this fast load of 100W, it is expected to arrive with connectivity 5G series, since it would use Snapdragon 865 processor. In addition, the main sensor of this device would be 48 Mpx, along with an ultra wide-angle lens and a sensor with optical zoom, although there is no known details on these sensors.

There are rumors about the name of the phone, with several media outlets pointing to that would be Xiaomi My 10s or My 10s Pro. Until the moment we do not have any confirmation on the part of the mark on what will be the final name of this device, which is expected to be made official in August.

The entrance to The first Xiaomi with quick load of 100W will come soon appears first in Android Free.