The first real videos of the Oppo roll-up mobile are spectacular

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OPPO X 2021 featured

OPPO will launch its first roll-up mobile this year, a device that we hope will arrive in Spain. These months, images have been leaked about his conceptual device, which promises to give a lot to talk about. Until now, it was thought that the launch of the brand’s first roller was something to be expected, but the reality seems different.

We have already seen videos of this OPPO roll-up mobile, but now two real videos are shown, in which you can see this roll-up mobile in full, without any secrets. This suggests that the launch of this device is already very close to becoming official.

This is the OPPO X 2021

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French YouTuber Brandon Le Proktor has been posting an eight minute long video, where we can see this OPPO X 2021, which is what this roller device from the Chinese manufacturer would be called, in great detail. The complete design of the phone is shown, confirming the previous leaks and videos that had been published.

Also the German YouTube channel AllRoundPC published a video showing the device of the Chinese brand. Again, you can see the design of this roll-up device, as well as the way it works. By using the button on the side of the device, the screen will be enlarged to be able to have it already in the maximum size. These two videos already indicate that the phone is almost ready to hit the market.

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It was already known that the brand planned to launch this OPPO X 2021 throughout this year, although the fact that several people have already had access to it may mean that said launch will take place earlier than planned. In addition, in the videos you can already see a very polished device, it is not a prototype that still needs many improvements, so that feeling that it will arrive soon wins points.

OPPO X 2021 design

For now we do not have the specifications of this new phone of the brand. These videos allow us to see that the OPPO X 2021 is already ready to hit the market soon, so we can only wait for the manufacturer itself to announce when this innovative device will arrive, called to revolutionize the market.

The entrance The first real videos of Oppo’s roll-up mobile are spectacular, it appears first in The Free Android.