The file sharing app is insecure

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It is one of the most popular and used apps for transferring files between devices, usually between mobiles or from mobile to computer. All this with almost instantaneous speed and in an environment of peaceful security. However, this mildness is disturbed by the attacks it has suffered recently, as a result of some vulnerabilities.

SHAREit - Transfer & Share
SHAREit - Transfer & Share

Malicious remote apps and file accesses in SHAREit

Without delay, we will say them clearly and concisely: SHAREit puts the phones that have it installed at risk. As security experts discovered, the app allows remote code execution without the user knowing.

Said discovery, made by the security firm Trend Micro, reveals the enormous risks to user security that the famous file sharing app hides. As the experts have shown, it is possible to run code remotely through SHAREit; which opens the door not only to control the app, but also to be able to install any other application secretly.

shareit downloads

This app declares the issuer in a generic way allowing remote instructions generate activity within the application. This enables the execution of instructions from other apps, it also gives them permission to read and write to the phone’s storage. The reason for all this is that SHAREit does not protect external access in an exhaustive way, which is why all this problem has been generated

It is not the first security breach that happens to the app

There are times when there is only one exceptional failure, which reduces confidence in the application but makes us think that it has been very punctual and that it will not be repeated. When, unfortunately, the failure is recurrent as in the case of SHAREit, we must begin to be suspicious and act accordingly, because it is our data that is at stake.

shareit security flaws

And it is that it is not the first time that it happens to this platform, since practically two years ago (February 2019), two vulnerabilities affected the Android users. One of them would allow an attacker to arbitrarily download files to the device. The other would focus on avoid identification. As we can see, it is a modus operandi very similar to the current one, which has already been worked on for a solution. nothing suggests that this time it will be different, but for now, user data is very vulnerable.

Uninstall SHAREit from your Android now: Go to these options

When it comes to our cyber security, we can’t wait a second to find an alternative that protects our files and all kinds of data that we have stored. Faced with this tricky situation, what we recommend is to transfer all the data to another transfer application or file explorers. To do this, we will quickly add a couple of alternatives with which you will not take long to do so.

Google files

One of the most consistent alternatives, for being under the mantle of Google. It is the bet of the big G to manage files from the mobile, which was previously called Files Go. You will be able to find files quickly and share them even offline in a simple and safe way, in addition to being able to free up space with the push of a few buttons.

google explorer files

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone
Files by Google: Free up space on your phone

Solid Explorer File Manager

It may be one of the most complete, but some of its most interesting functions come with its paid version. You will have two weeks to fully enjoy all its functions and then you will have to pay to use some of them. What we highlight most about this app is the easy customization it offers. You can do and undo as you please with it to have all the files from various sources classified to your liking.

Screenshot solid explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager
Solid Explorer File Manager