The Dropbox password manager will be available to everyone

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Password security is a key aspect that we don’t always take as seriously as we should. Creating a unique password for each of the dozens (or hundreds) of web pages in which we are registered is very complex.

Our memory does not provide for so many passwords and the most common option is to always use the same password, a decision that puts our security at risk, since if it is stolen from a page, your data of those that contain the same combination are exposed. The best option is usually a password manager, and Dropbox plans to open up its password manager for everyone.

Dropbox opens its password manager to everyone

The Dropbox password manager will be available to everyone 1

After announcing its password manager in beta form, the company has decided to make its password manager public, which will be available to all users from April. This availability is subject to certain restrictions, and although it is finally available to free users, they will have some restrictions:

  • Limited capacity:In the Dropbox password manager you can store up to 50 keys as a free user.
  • Synchronized access:Like Dropbox’s free plan, password syncing will be active on three devices.

The limit of 3 devices seems one of the biggest counterparts of Dropbox, but it is a much less aggressive limitation than that of Lastpass, a password manager that you can no longer use on your mobile and PC simultaneously. It is more usable to have a password manager on mobile, tablet and PC than on several mobiles or several PCs at the same time.

Dropbox Passwords will be available to everyone from April, but if you are interested in trying it out before anyone else, you can sign up for their waiting list here.

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