The date of presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked

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The date of presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked

Even though we see a new mobile terminal to be presented throughout the year, there are two times in which this takes on a level of intensity quite high, early in the year, with trade fairs such as the CES or the Mobile World Congress, and at the end of the face of the christmas campaign.

However, in the summer we have a date very special that tends to be the most important during the summer period, chosen by Samsung to present their new Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note 20 will be announced in August

The date of presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked

Although there is not yet an official date confirmed by Samsung, some leaks indicate that the next Galaxy Note 20 will be announced the 5 of August in an event in which you may see more models announced.

We still don’t know if the Galaxy Note 20 will come in two versions or three, as has happened with the Galaxy S20. Yes that we know at least that there will be two because a few days ago we saw the first official images leaked by the Russian subsidiary of the Korean company.

In addition to launching the Galaxy Note 20 expect the new versions of the two folding Samsung, the Z Flip 5G and the Galaxy Fold 2. Yes, there are also some rumors that indicate that Samsung will hold another event in September, at which time there could be these two mobiles, a few days before Apple announces the iPhone 12.

Could also be a possibility of something more strange, and is that on the 5th of August to advertise the new mobile folding of Samsung and the following month the Galaxy Note 20, although the leakage rate and the logic does not point to this possibility as somewhat probable.

About the prices, there are still no official figures or filtered, although estimates suggest that the cheaper model may rub $ 1000.

The entry of The filing date of the Galaxy Note 20 has been filtered, it appears first on The Android Free.