The creator of Terraria explodes against Google: “Doing business with you is a risk”

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The creator of Terraria explodes against Google: "Doing business with you is a risk" 1

In Spain we can enjoy a large number of Android games from the Play Store. Despite the fact that new titles appear every day, there are several that are highly veteran, such as Terraria, a game that reached mobile devices back in 2013.

The future of this game on Android seems to be on the line, and that is that the creator of the game has lost access to his personal Google account, a fact that he does not seem willing to ignore.

Terraria creator’s account is closed for no apparent reason

Separating professional and personal life is sometimes very difficult, something that has happened recently to Andrew Spinks. For those who don’t know him, Andrew is the creator of Terraria, a game that came to Android more than 7 years ago, being one of the best alternatives to Minecraft with 2D graphics.

What has happened to the creator of Terraria is something that could happen to anyone from one day to the next. You get up and discoverthat you have lost access to your Google account. Your email, your Drive files, all the apps, games, and movies you’ve purchased, as well as the content on your YouTube channel. The situation is what could happen to anyone, and that is that according to Google’s automated notices, your account has breached the terms of service.

After three weeks trying to get his account back, Andrew has thrown in the towel. The developer says that he still does not know why his account was canceled and that they have done nothing more than make him spin around without sense. After that, he has considered that his company will not be involved with a corporation that treats its users so badly.

Google Stadia

Andrew’s first action wascancel Terraria development for Google Stadia. He also added that his company will not support any of Google’s platforms from now on.

This leaves the future of Terraria for Android up in the air. The game is available for Google Play, and leaving support for this platform would imply that it would not receive any more updates. In the case of this specific game, it is also available for the Amazon App Store, but at the moment we do not know the future of this version already published.

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