The Coyote radar warning app compatible with Android Auto

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Although Coyote services were already integrated into some brands such as Renault, and Apple Car users could already enjoy using this app in the car that alerts us to speed cameras and other incidents on the road, the entire Android user community was still waiting for the long-awaited compatibility with your car systems.

Coyote: Warning of speed cameras, alerts, GPS, traffic
Coyote: Warning of speed cameras, alerts, GPS, traffic

All Android users can try Coyote on Android Auto until July 15

The services offered by Coyote are not free, it is something to remember, they have different subscriptions such as Coyote Formula (5.99 euros per month), Formula Extend (9.99 euros per month) or the possibility of paying them annually for 65.99 euros one and 109.99 euros the other. What is the difference between them? Well, precisely that only in Extend you can have support for Android Auto, which is not available in the first option.

coyote android car

But, with a 30-day free trial and no obligation for new registrations, all Coyote Android users – new and already registered – whether in one mode or another, will be able to try the Connection with Android Auto until the July 15.

Android Auto is already present in more than 50% of the cars that circulate in Europe, which by the way, now that borders are opening and we can travel again, it should be noted that the Coyote app service covers all countries of the European Union. That is, we can go behind the wheel of our car and cross borders without any concern, using the services of notices of fixed radars, mobile phones, incidents on the road, etc. that this roadside assistance system offers without having to touch the mobile phone . Besides that it works as a complete GPS navigator with the precision of the Here.

coyote android car

Among the rest of the functions that we can find in this application are those of speed limit warning, and information of the real speed that we carry, assisted lane change, 3D maps, traffic jam alerts, works, accidents and other problems that we can find us, along with restricted access areas in cities, and all this from a 100% legal solution for driving assistance that is backed by the DGT.