The closed beta of Project Cars GO for Android arrives

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One of the most popular racing simulators for console wants to do the same in its mobile edition, with the relevant graphical limitations but with a game totally based on simulation. With this idea, it is intended to hunt down the extensive Real Racing dominance in racing games with an alternative that does not drop like so many others.

The closed beta, only suitable for some countries

The truth is that the closed beta of Project Cars GO will be available starting next October. However, you must register on the official Gamevil website to access the beta program, so we have until October 13 to do so. This closed beta process will have, as could be expected, a very short period that goes from October 14 to 27.

The test will be both on Android and iOS, although the problem comes in the regions. And it is that the closed beta will not be distributed by all the countries of the world, not even the main ones. The developers have carefully chosen the destinations, which will only be United States, Australia, United Kingdom or Canada. We do not know why, but if we do not reside in any of the countries, it will not be possible to register.

Project Cars GO Features

Those lucky enough to play this racing simulator early should know what the developers of Project Cars GO intend to incorporate. Within the realism that they want to implement, they will eliminate some simulation elements that will not be playable on the terminal screen. It will have a simple control scheme called ‘One Touch’ that promises a more fun and informal running experience.

As for the track offering, Project Cars will not disappoint once again. We will have again real racing tracks and with all the very careful graphic details. In addition, the car catalog will continue to have official licenses with the main automobile brands, and other sports structures that are not as well known as the Alpine brand, a Renault subsidiary.

project cars go beta

The definitive game release is intended to be for this same year 2020, although there is still no official confirmation. The same happens with access to the title, if it will be free or will have to pay a small price to download it, although everything indicates that it will be the first.