The cameras of the OnePlus 9 are exposed in the latest leak

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Following the launch of his latest series of mobile phones, or rather his latest solo mobile phone, the OnePlus 8T, the oriental manufacturer already has its eyes set on its next arrival in the high-end range. It will be, if there are no rudder turns from here to launch, the OnePlus 9 and it should come with a Pro model sewn to its side in addition to an SE model, although everything can change until its launch.

The manufacturer himself has just starred in a news story in conjunction with Google, since both companies are collaborating to improve Wear OS, the operating system for smart watches, and now it touches something different, something that is not official but comes from a leak. So it would be, if everything is confirmed, the rear camera equipment of the OnePlus 9.

The cameras of the OnePlus 9, leaked

OnePlus 9 leaked

From the outset, the leak tells us about a triple system placed on the back of the OnePlus 9, nothing that we are not tired of seeing at this point, after several years of multiple cameras on the market. According to the data that have emerged, we will have a wide angle camera, a super wide angle camera and a last camera with optical zoom, a telephoto.

The leak tells that the main sensor of the OnePlus 9 will be 50 megapixels and it will have an aperture f / 1.9. It is unknown who will be the manufacturer of said sensor, although we could bet on a Sony IMX and therefore assume that it will allow the pixels to be fused together to improve light capture.

The second camera, the super wide angle, would arrive with a aperture f / 1.8 and with a 20 megapixel sensor. The leak speaks of a “Cine Camera”, a trade name for OnePlus that will likely promote video capture features. The latest camera, 12 megapixels with aperture f / 3.4 and 12 megapixels, without knowing its increases. Of course, it will have OIS as the main one.

When it comes to selfies, it seems that we will have 16 front megapixels located in a hole in the screen. Other previous data have spoken of this same screen, that the OnePlus 9 will arrive with 6.55 inches flat with FullHD + resolution and HDR, and with a 20: 9 ratio to offer 2,400 x 1,080 pixels. There is also talk of Snapdragon 888 up front with 8GB and 128GB for the basic model, in addition to 5G, Android 11 and OxygenOS.

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The cameras of the OnePlus 9 are exposed in the latest leak

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The cameras of the OnePlus 9 are exposed in the latest leak 1

The cameras of the OnePlus 9 are exposed in the latest leak 2