The call recording Google begins to come to some Nokia

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One of the greatest losses that we suffer with the arrival of Android 9 was the recording of calls. Until the previous version, this technology was made possible by an API (development tools) that Google abrogated does not provide a guarantee of safety. The company, however, promised that some day we’d be able to record quality calls with the best guarantees of security.

Earlier this year it was discovered that the phone app of Google now included in its code tools to record calls, and it seems that little by little this feature is starting to be deployed. The first mobile to receive this feature would be still some models of Nokia.

The call recording of the phone application of Google begins its deployment

Few days ago Google began to make compatible its phone app with a higher volume of mobile. To date, this app was available for mobile Pixel, Android One, Motorola, Xiaomi and some other model. This massive deployment could mean the anticipation of something good, as can be the return of the call recording.

The call recording Google begins to come to some Nokia 1Pathway (community Forum of Nokia).

As feature in the forums of Nokia, a user has begun to receive the call recording in your Nokia 7 Plus. The user lives in India, but according to the latest data, it seems that the cause is due to have been connected through a VPN in the united States. However, the deployment seems to be coming to your country, because, as they feature in XDA Developers, some users of Nokia 7 Plus, 7.2 and 8.1 would receive it also.

It is a good sign, and although so far only seems to be active in these countries, the fact that it is beginning to be deployed, it is probably that the feature is working as expected.

Today, the limitations of the role they could take in reach to specific countries, as Google stated in their day that the call recording would depend on the legislation of each country.

The call recording Google begins to come to some Nokia 2


The entrance to The call recording Google begins to come to some Nokia appears first in Android Free.