The browser in the Google app can read out loud and translate the pages: this is how it works

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Google new search

Google has been improving the browser of its app with various functions that have been launched in Spain. The firm continues to work on improvements in this browser, which are expected to reach all users soon. The new features are a translator and read aloud, which are currently in the testing phase.

One month ago Google’s app browser got a new design, by moving the controls to the bottom of the screen (this is how it is recognized that you are using this browser and not Chrome Custom Tabs). Now we begin to test these functions of reading aloud and the translator.

The Google app will read aloud

Google browser new functions

The browser integrated into the Google application has been improving for a long time. This is the browser used when doing a search or when we open an article from Discover. The company is improving this browser and is now testing two new options in its controls: read aloud and translator, which some users can already see and use.

If using the Read out loud option, the Wizard’s reading mode opens. This will make it read aloud the text on said web page, an option that will be helpful for people with vision problems, who will thus be able to access all the content on a web. It works the same way as when we ask the Assistant to read on a web in Chrome.

The other function that is introduced in this browser in the Google app is the Translator. This function does not have too many surprises, when using it the content of that page will be translated in the language that we use by default, in order to understand everything that is written on said website without any problem.

These functions are currently in the testing phase, some users have already been able to see them, but at the moment it is not known when they will be available to all users on Android.

The browser in the Google app can read out loud and translate the pages: this is how it works 1

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