The big change of the App Store that Google should copy Apple

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The application stores pre-installed by default on the mobiles that we use in Spain have a problem that has been causing controversy for years, and that is the charge that large companies make to developers for the income they receive from their applications.

This tax put Epic into a legal battle in which they wanted to bring down these taxes for being too abusive. Although the main benefit of Epic is being able to win many more millions with its game, the company has used several times to be helping users. Apple’s reply to leave them without arguments has been exemplary, and Google should take note.

Apple cuts its rate for small developers, and Google should copy it

Since their inception, the Google and Apple app stores have imposed a 30% tax on developers. Although both companies insist that it is a fair charge in exchange for all the distribution and billing tools, it is a measure that no one ends up liking. It is true that companies like Epic lose millions in the process, but more worrying is that of small developers.

The big change of the App Store that Google should copy Apple 1Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

Because of this, Apple has made the decision that as of January 1, 2021,all developers that generate income of less than a million dollars a year will have a reduced rate.Instead of having to pay a 30% commission to Apple, they will have to pay 15%, cutting the abusive tax in half. It will also apply to new developers starting to create applications, which do not yet have a history of income.

This measure, which in principle leaves Epic without much more incentive in the courts than its own incentives, is a great benefit for small developers, who will be able to have more benefits, allowing them to invest more in their own applications, or in power ensure that your career as an independent developer can progress

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