The best websites with resources to make our own masks

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The best websites with resources to make our own masks

Since the crisis began of the coronavirus, has taken place a raging debate on the utility of surgical masks to slow down its expansion among the population. In the case of the Spanish Government that began by declaring makes month and a half it didn’t make sense that healthy people wear a mask, it has changed the criterion and from Monday will start sorting them out among the users of public transport.

However, the majority of citizens will not receive by now those masks, that also takes weeks without being able to acquire at the pharmacies. This has led, of course, a boom in the production of face masks homemade… and the dissemination of information through the Internet.

What say the authorities?

In the first place, before reviewing the links that we have collected, we must be clear what are the official specifications at the time of use, classify, and manufacture different types of masks offering some kind of protection against the coronavirus:

  • The advice of World Health Organization on when and how to use maskand additional information the European Centre of Disease Control and Prevention.

  • The classification of types of mask according to your utility, prepared by the Ministry of Industry.


Let us start from the basis that use masks properly certified, it will always be preferable to any home-made solutionby ‘currada’ that is, that we can find (remember, anyway, to wear a mask, even a approved, it is not an excuse to forget the importance of maintaining practices such as frequent washing of hands and the ‘social distancing’).

Having said all of that, before the aforementioned shortages of products of this type that we are experiencing, if the only alternative for many people is to use solutions to DIY or go out to face the streetwe are interested to know the best resources we can find on the Net.

Masks are reusable cloth

The initiative “Dressmakers solidarity” he has translated into Spanish the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control american for the preparation of face masks homemade.

In this website of the New England Complex Systems Institute have compiled video tutorials that allow us to create different patterns and models of masks reusable using cotton and a sewing machine, thinking that they could be used by professionals in health centres and nursing homes.

The department of Public Health County of Glenn (USA) also it has collected videos and links with similar content.

“Why do we need #MascarillasParaTodos and how to make your own mask?

Jeremy Howard, a scientist and co-founder of the research institute on artificial intelligence FastAI, maintains a recommended collection up-to-date with all kinds of links related to creating homemade face masks and other types of facial protection against the coronavirus.

In addition, he has uploaded to his YouTube channel a videotutorial of preparation of face masksvindicating the principle that “My mask protects you, your mask protects me my”. In English with Spanish subtitles:

Make tuning to your surgical mask

The surgical masks are useful in reducing infection, but have a drawback: it does not fit tightly to the face of its wearer, which increases the risk of being exposed to droplets with coronavirus. What is proposed it is a simple modification, designed by ex-Apple engineers, to resolve that detail.

Fix The Mask

Masks N95 homemade

The role of sterilization sequential Halyard H600, that was available until recently on sites such as Amazon, allows you to create masks DIY which are being used in the U.S. for the part of health personnel given the lack of alternatives to the factory. On this website Department of Anesthesiology, Univ. of Health of Florida you can find a tutorial to make them (in English).

What material?

Responsible for “Dressmakers in solidarity,” explained our co Trendencias that, after consulting with the medical staff, they wear the masks that are producing cloth “stuffy” 165 gr/square meter and 24 threads/cm: they also point out that the cotton as a material idóneor because it can be reused by washing at 60 degrees after each use.

In addition, an asian manufacturer of air purifiers hung up an article on your corporate blog analyzing what materials could be most suitable for creating masks homemadebased on an academic paper by researchers from the Univ. of Cambridge, which analyzed two criteria: capture microscopic particles and breathability. His conclusion was that the pillowcases and t-shirts 100% cotton are the best materials among those tested.

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The best websites with resources to make our own masks

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