The best ways to get paid apps for free

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free appsThere are amazing apps on the Play Store, that’s no mystery. Some of them are free, while others are paid, like almost everything. But the thing is that the Play Store, like any other store, whether for applications or not, has its discounts, and it may be that you find important bargains, and even free apps … How to discover them? We will tell you.

There are many ways to get free apps, but we are not going to talk about alternative stores, much less piracy, since we always urge you to support developers by buying the app. Of course, offers and bargains are very different things, and it is always good to use them to save a little.

Google polls

One of the ways is Google polls, you may not know about it, but Google has an application called Google Opinion Rewards. What does this app do? Well, they send you weekly surveys that if you answer they can reward you with some money (a few cents) for the Play Store, and little by little we can save the few euros that that app that we like so much can cost.

It is the most effective way to get the app you want in a concrete way.

free apps google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

Betas access

Another option is to access the open betas of the applications, if you do not care that the app may be unstable or give problems, you can access the betas, which of course are free, and thus you can also help the developer by commenting on the problems that you gives this app.

Maybe you will find one that you like.

free apps betas


With many years behind him, AppSales It is the favorite option of many users. AppSales notifies you of discounts on applications from the Play Store, perhaps it is a small price drop, but you can also find apps that lower their price by 100%, so it is a good option to find free apps.

You may not find the app you want, but you may discover things that interest you as much or more than that app.


AppSales: paid apps for free and on sale
AppSales: paid apps for free and on sale


The name is already explicit, and its description, even more so. AppFree: Free paid apps for a limited time, this is how this app is defined. It’s not about sales, just apps available for free for a limited time.


AppsFree: Free paid apps for a limited time
AppsFree: Free paid apps for a limited time

And finally we have Paid Apps Gone Free (also known as PAGF), it is an app that is still in beta, but it already gives good results. Although many users confuse it with an application store to use, its function is the same as that of AppsFree, to notify when apps are temporarily free, another option that is worth having.

Paid Apps Gone Free

Paid Apps Gone Free - PAGF
Paid Apps Gone Free - PAGF

These are the options that we offer you without having to resort to other dubious application stores. Which one did you like the most?