The best wallpapers for your Android mobile

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The best wallpapers for your Android mobile

Last Updated: January 26, 2021.

The wallpaper can radically change the look of your mobile. Finding wallpapers is easy, but that they are of good quality not so much. Here is a good handful of wallpapers for your Android mobile, classified by categories.

If you are a little tired of your mobile wallpaper and you prefer to choose one by hand instead of using special apps, here we bring you the definitive collection of wallpapers for Android, where without a doubt you will find one of your liking.

Dark wallpapers (35)


If you use dark mode on mobile, you probably want a dark wallpaper to accompany and keep the brightness of the mobile to a minimum in harmony with the rest of the theme. Here you will find them of all kinds: abstract and not so much, but all of them dark.

Download dark wallpapers

Minimalist wallpapers (43)


The wallpaper will generally be covered by icons and widgets, so the wallpaper should be don’t be too overloaded so that it is easy to distinguish them. If you prefer the simple things, minimalist wallpapers they are always a good option.

Download minimalist wallpapers

Abstract Wallpapers (44)


In most cases, the wallpapers that come with the mobile are abstract. They are ideal because they do not distract you too much from the icons and widgets and, in addition, they are usually pretty colorful.

Download abstract wallpapers

Art Wallpapers (154)


Something that always gives a unique touch of color to the mobile are the art wallpapers, whether famous paintings or complete strangers. If art is your thing, don’t miss out on these funds.

Download art wallpapers

Bokeh wallpapers (85)


If you have no idea what to put as your wallpaper, try one of these bokeh images, the blur effect that looks good on its own.

Download bokeh wallpapers

Stock Wallpapers (1,870)


Manufacturers put special care in creating the wallpapers that come with mobiles, and the good news is that there are those is dedicated to collecting them to make them available to anyone.

Download stock wallpapers

Apple Wallpapers (267)


Even if you have an Android mobile or tablet, that does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the great wallpapers that Apple has created for its devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac. Here you will find a good amount of them.

Download Apple wallpapers

Samsung Wallpapers (215)


Samsung has launched an infinity of Android mobile models to the market, creating in many cases exclusive funds for these terminals, with different styles although generally quite suitable to have in the background. In this compilation you will find most of these Samsung funds.

Download Samsung wallpapers

Movies and series wallpapers (98)


If you are a fan of a certain movie, saga or series, let it be known on your mobile screen with these series and movies wallpapers popular yesterday and today.

Download wallpapers of movies and series

Animal Wallpapers (113)


If you prefer to have the company of an animal as a background on your mobile screen, here you will find a good selection of varied animals. Mammals, birds, fish: they all have a place as long as the result is a photo of ten.

Download animal wallpapers

Nature Wallpapers (128)


Something that always looks good as a wallpaper is a relaxant mountainous landscape, a heavenly beach or any other nature scene. You will find these and many more in our Google Drive folder.

Download nature wallpapers

Urban wallpapers (117)


If you are more of a city, the truth is that cities wallpapers They tend to look quite good, with backgrounds of architecture, monuments and varied urban scenes.

Download urban wallpapers

Starry Sky Wallpapers (98)


Another classic of wallpapers are starry skies, with the advantage that they get along quite well with the dark mode of the mobile as they are normally dark.

Download starry sky wallpapers

Motor Wallpapers (85)


For motor lovers, we do not discriminate: if you have wheels and go “haze haze”, you have a place in our collection of motor wallpapers. Cars of yesterday and today, classic motorcycles and even bicycles, even if they don’t have an engine and do little ‘brum brum’.

Download motor wallpapers

Black & White Wallpapers (48)


For lovers of classic photos or those who want a wallpaper that does not distract with its colors, here you will find countless monochrome wallpapers. Whether they are landscapes, animals, objects or abstract designs, what they have in common is that they are all in black and white and look great on mobile.

Download black and white wallpapers

Gaming Wallpapers (33)


If you want to carry your favorite game always with you, video game promotional images are a good resource as a mobile wallpaper, as well as screenshots and / or fan-art of the most popular franchises.

Download game wallpapers

Anime Wallpapers (116)


Goku, Naruto, Pokémon, One Piece, Doraemon … there is anime for all tastes and there is also Manga and anime based wallpapers for all tastes. You will surely find one of your liking in our collection.

Download anime wallpapers

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