The best trick to play Archero with little time

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For many who want to, we must put aside the games to attend to other tasks more primary to the day-to-day. This causes it to be incompatible to progress in that game to which we are attached, because without the investment of time, there is no progress. However, there is a possibility in the title of Archero, thanks to a simple trick to generate this progress without playing constantly.

Don’t generate power

The first thing that we should bear in mind is to try the energy bar does not fill completelyat least spend a bit of time to get into the game before the energy can be complete, so that will be time lost. Then, we headed to the highest level you have unlocked, that is to say, the phase that the further away we have come so far.

Dies, dies, dies and comes back to die

The idea is that this level will allow us to generate greater number of points of experience and money without much effort and hardly any time invested. Once we enter the chapter, do the routine process to start the battle, select the special ability and triamos of roulette before entering a fight.

The best trick to play Archero with little time 1

From here, we can take all the time you want without dying, but it’s not going to be necessary to stay or 1 minute even. Also, the choice of the special ability is indifferent, since it is our goal to give three blows to the enemies, and leave us to die later. This will provide us with a certain amount of experience and coins which is quite considerable in relation to the time that we have employed.


So, up to four times. You can’t practice on most occasions due to the fact that the energy bar is empty, so you must wait for the filling of the bar. In this way, pulling of the wheel in those 4 attempts, we can get up to a maximum of 15000 coins in just 2 minutes. There are No excuses, that we can do this at any time of the day, as the time we spent in the bathroom, eating or just before bed, as it does not require any concentration to play.