The best trick to be immortal in Garena Free Fire

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To put it into practice, it is not necessary to be a top player, although you can do any player, as that would be a very curious win a game. Of course, we recommend you practice it in games interspersed, we can not bet it all to this tactic during all the time that we play. Without further delay, let’s do that.

How to be immortal in a game

Once we are on the plane ready to jump in the map, we headed directly towards the building of the factory, located in the southern part of the area. In that sense, we’re going to land on the roof of the same building, and we remain there where we can land alone or with more companions. From here, two things can happen. Kill-based punches to the enemies, or try to do pineapple to have more options for victory. The union makes the force, at least that’s what they say.

The best trick to be immortal in Garena Free Fire 1

Keep in mind that we do not have nor arms, nor healing, no nothing. But here lies the trick, because before starting the game, we must choose ‘Call the Airdrop ‘ as an item of Survival, and ‘Cash of delivery’ as item Basic. So, we must expect in the roof of the building to load this kit to be able to apply for the Airdrop, that will provide us with weapons and healing, it is vital to tackle the final stretch of the game. It also has the luck factor, and that is that the storm is not close to the beginning for our area, as they will not allow us to catch the Airdrop.

Can I get off of the building?

Well. We’re already equipped and since almost all players have diedthat that is what this trick of immortality. This is the second part of the tutorial, since many will wonder that how the floor of the building without die in the attempt, although you may lose a bit of life, that’s why it will be important that we touch first-aid kit in the box.

The best trick to be immortal in Garena Free Fire 2

To get down to firm ground, we must do it with care, we lie down on one of the pivots of the building, at the edge of the roof. Already placed, we orient the body with the head out, always lying down, and we began to move with the virtual joystick slowly.

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari
Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

There will come a time in which, thanks to a bug of the game, the body of our character will slide down the column, down to the ground. Well if we do it with the utmost care, we will miss nothing of life, and you’ll be ready to enfretarnos to the last few enemies left in the map. Do not say that it is an easier way to win the conventional way, just need to put it into practice.

And you, do you know some trick more in Garena Free Fire?