The best open source alternative to the Play Store renews its design

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Aurora Store is an alternative store to the Play Store that may sound like many users in Spain. It is a good alternative for phones that do not have Google services, such as the latest Huawei models. This store, of which we have spoken before, allows users to download apps without the need for these Google services.

The new version of Aurora Store it will be officially launched shortly and in it we find a new design. This version number 4 of the store is inspired by the Play Store for its design and seeks to make it easier to discover new applications and games.

Aurora Store launches design

Aura Store new design

The new interface design found in Aurora Store 4 is reminiscent of the Google Play Store. The store seeks to make it easier for users to discover new games and applications. In the lower menu we now have three categories: Apps, Games and Updates, making the division clearer and allowing easier navigation.

A floating search button is introduced, instead of having a bar at the top of the screen. When we fall into any of the categories we will see that sections are introduced. We find sections such as “For you”, “Top Applications”, “Editors’ selection” and then the categories of the applications. These sections will make it easy to find apps that are of our interest.

Aurora Store new design

Aurora Store is an ideal store for users who have a phone without Google mobile services, like models released by Huawei and Honor. Also for those users who are looking to use their Android smartphone without Google services, it can be a good option to consider, since they do not need the Google Play Store to install or update apps.

This new version of the store will be officially released soon on GitHub or F-Droid, but no time dates have been given for it. An important aspect to keep in mind is that using the Aurora Store with your Google account is a violation of Google’s rules of use, which could cause your account to be blocked or deactivated.

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