The best One UI productivity features for your Galaxy S20

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Table of Contents

The range of the Samsung Galaxy S20 It is one of the most powerful that we find in the Spanish market today. One of the keys in these phones is One UI, its customization layer, which has been perfectly adapted to this range of phones, in addition to presenting a huge number of functions, many of them aimed at productivity.

One UI is a layer that gives us many possibilities, it has become one of the favorites of Android users. In these Galaxy S20 you can get the most out of it to this layer of Samsung, thanks to its many functions. We tell you the best productivity features that we can use.

Bixby routines

The best One UI productivity features for your Galaxy S20 1

This feature is not something new in One UI, as it was officially introduced with the Galaxy S10 last year, where it already stood out as the best feature on phones. Although Bixby is not the best assistant we can use, This Bixby Routines feature is one of the most interesting to take advantage of these Samsung Galaxy S20.

This is a function that seeks to automate certain functions on the phone (activate WiFi when we get home, activate energy saving at night, alarm in your mornings, connect to a specific device….). The idea is that when creating these routines, these actions are carried out automatically, thus being much more efficient for us to use the telephone. In addition, it is a function that is continually improving. It can be activated on your Galaxy S20 as follows:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter Advanced Features.
  3. Tap on Bixby Routines.
  4. Set up the routines you want to use on your phone.

Navigation gestures

One UI navigation gestures

One of the biggest novelties that the launch of Android 10 left us was the introduction of gesture navigation. Samsung introduced a series of additional options in One UI designed to get more out of these gestures in these Galaxy S20. Since we can hide the keyboard button, which for many users is somewhat annoying, or have suggestions for gestures, which will allow you to better adapt to the use of these gestures on the phone. To activate them, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the Screen section.
  3. Enter Navigation Bar.
  4. Tap Gestures to activate them.

Use with one hand

One UI One Hand Use

Samsung is an expert in using mobile with one handThey even have a great app for it. The Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra have large screens, which for many users may not be comfortable at all times. Luckily, in the phone settings we have an option to configure its use with one hand, which also provides us with many possibilities, so that it is very comfortable to use these screens with one hand.

Since it allows customizing actions with certain gestures (swipe to the left, a diagonal gesture …), so that we can perform certain actions that previously required more gestures or using two hands, now with one hand. The steps to configure this in the Galaxy S20 are:

  1. Open the One UI Settings.
  2. Enter Advanced Features.
  3. Tap One-handed operation.
  4. Activate this option.

Further, we can perfect its use with One Hand Operation +, the Samsung application that we already talked about. Thanks to it you can customize those actions, which we have mentioned before. The application can be downloaded for free on phones, from this link:

The best One UI productivity features for your Galaxy S20 2


Link to Windows

The best One UI productivity features for your Galaxy S20 3

To be productive, a good connection between the mobile and the computer is important. Luckily, Samsung has good tools for this, which we can use in One UI, How is the Link To Windows application, which we talked about this past spring. Thanks to it, it is very easy to move files between the two.

This application allows us to send a maximum 100 files each time, with a maximum size of 512 GB in total. Despite these limitations, it is presented as an ideal option to move files between mobile and computer. Especially if you have taken a lot of photos or recorded videos with your Galaxy S20, it is a good method.

Edge screen

Edge screen in One UI

A function that has been present in One UI for some time and that divides many users, but that offers many possibilities. Since we can choose from a large number of panels, or even download others to use them in it. There are options such as being able to select which part of the screen you want to capture when taking a screenshot, without having to crop later, a good help for many.

The large selection of panels and options allows You can get a lot out of it in your Galaxy S20. So it is worth a try. The steps to activate it are:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Enter Screen.
  3. Tap Edge Screen.
  4. Activate this option.

You can then proceed to customize what panels do you want to use on the phone, in addition to being able to download more from the Galaxy Store. A divisive tool in One UI, but that gives many options for good use in these Galaxy S20. Therefore, it is worth trying it and see if it is a productivity tool on your phone.

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