The best music bots for Discord

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Discord music bots

Discord, the program par excellence that has crossed borders and languages ​​and has replaced greats like Team Speak or Skype when it comes to talking from the pc, or from the mobile phone now. But it is not just talking, because thanks to different bots that can be programmed you will be able to achieve many other things. This is where the Discord music botsBut of course, you already knew this and what you want is that we recommend a few. And that is what we are going to do in this article.

Because we are also Discord users on a daily basis to talk and comment on things with our friends, to organize ourselves in video games and to even share a screen and teach a tutorial or stream a video game. Discord is good for everything and is 10 because change after change they only improve its functionality both on mobile devices and on PC.

For the grandparents who read this, including the one who writes, for those of us who have lived through earlier eras of other shows, Discord is heaven. And so We are going to offer you a good list of bots so that your playlists can play their best on those channels. Let’s go there with her. Remember that there is no order, we are simply going to mention them and you will have to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

List of the best music bots for Discord

As we said, for the good work of Discord, there are different types of Discord bots: some are only there to put the songs that are requested, others to moderate, others to entertain, there are also tailor-made for different video games, for example for World of Warcraft and its raids. In short, there are many, but we are going to focus on the music bots for Discord, which there are not few.

In any case, we will put a list for you, but whenever you want You can leave us your opinion about them or if you do not see one that you know and it is very good, you can comment on it. You would be helping the Android Help community and the Discord community. So, without further ado, let’s go there with that list of music bots.



Ayana is one of the most popular and installed Discord music bots with each passing month. Among other things, one of its main functions and of course, is to get into your channel as soon as you call it. with a link or request for a song or playlist from Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud and others like Spotify. In addition to this, which is the basic thing that we ask of this type of bots, it also has reactions to the songs in case you don’t like that song that your channel partner just put on.

The bot also interacts with your language, therefore you will not have to configure practically anything to start working, just invite it to the server and install it. A bot that is also very up-to-date. One of the best without a doubt.


Fredboat discord

Fredboat is basically a music bot, but it is much more complex than Ayana in terms of its functionalities. In any case Fredboat will play music through Youtube, Spotify, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Twitch, Mixer (in its active time) and many others. With this bot you will be able to put entire music lists in addition to links to a single song with different commands, but if you don’t have a link, just by typing the name it will look for it. In addition, Fredboat has something very important, it is totally free.



Not only is it a Discord music bot, it also allows you to schedule events and messages on the server so you will have a multitasking bot. If you have another one for that function, you can substitute it. With Apollo you will be able to ask him to make announcements of what you want at a given moment, schedule them or ask him for a song. These events They can even be recurring, send private messages to give notices of whatever and much more. Like the previous ones, it is free. But as we would say if it is an app, it offers purchases within. And so it is with this bot, if you want to go further in its programming you will need to make the odd purchase.


Dyno bot

Dyno is another bot that will provide many features and tools in the same bot. It has a more than complete control panel in which you can fiddle with everything it can do without much loss. You will be able to put him custom commands, activate and deactivate them when you want, put it to moderate, save logs of many conversations that you indicate, mute channels, ban people and it also has an anti spam function. Of the most relevant, in addition to the fact that it will put you music as we want, which is our main objective, you can also have a system of auto roles, commands and announcements and reminders. It is a more than complete music bot for Discord.



This bot is much simpler than the previous ones. It is a good option but it will only offer us music and some other tools. The good part is that it includes 15 languages, the bad part is that it is totally premium and we need to pay a subscription to the bot for things as basic as a volume control or automatic music playback on your channel.

Jockie music

Jockie music

This is another of the all-stars that have the most downloads. Jockie Music offers and supports a lot when it comes to music. He will practically understand you if you put a link or playlist from one platform than another, even Apple Music, which is a platform that lives more alien to this world. Also and this is something important, you will be able to have 4 channels at the same time with a Jockie playing music, something that does not happen with the previous ones. And all that in its free version. It also has functionality for statistics on the use of the bot but as we tell you, it focuses exclusively on being one of the best music bots for Discord.

We hope this article has been helpful and that you will learn more about Discord music bots from now on. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comment box that you will find below. See you in the next article.